CBD Oil and Pain-Suffer Less, Live More!

By | 09/10/2019

To tell you the truth, my initial intention was an article about CBD and joint pain. I changed direction when, after discussing my idea with Marlene, she told me: I thought you covered this, though. With your article about arthritis. Hold on!  My order-freak and deviating brain took charge of the situation putting me and… Read More »

CBD Oil and Allergies

By | 14/07/2019

“It just happened so fast. Allergies have only been an inconvenience until about a month ago. Now they are controlling my life!” Theresa sounded desperate. Whenever a friend of mine has a problem, I feel the urge to do something. It’s called empathy and I’m cursed to live with it. I had no idea how… Read More »

What About Vaping CBD Oil?

By | 04/06/2019

I have already told you that cannabidiol is a passion of mine. (A sin confessed is a sin no more, right?) When I don’t research a topic or write an article, I have this unusual habit: I hang around with my favorite groups and participate in discussions about CBD oil. Or answer questions regarding it.… Read More »

CBD Oil and IBS

By | 19/05/2019

A friend of mine called me last week. He uses CBD oil to combat his anxiety issues and he is doing fine. But, he didn’t call me to tell me that. He wanted to inform me that he saw significant improvement with his Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. I had no idea that he suffered from… Read More »

CBD Oil and Blood Pressure

By | 16/05/2019

Have you ever wondered if CBD oil and blood pressure are connected? Have you wondered whether cannabidiol may have a positive impact on high blood pressure? Yes? So have I! There is a reason for this curiosity of mine. I have this fixed image in my head: my mother extremely stressed by dust or dirt… Read More »