About the Blogger

Hi everybody and welcome to my Hemp Health and Beauty website!

I’m Effie and nature has always been a passion of mine.

Over the years I’ve bought beauty products with natural ingredients as well as natural remedies such as tinctures, salves, etc. I have even learnt how to make beauty products, salves, soaps and natural cleaning products!

This long and exciting journey led me to a new harbor: Hemp CBD oil products that enhance health and beauty.

How My Hemp Journey Started Photo of Effie

Ever since I was a child I sought the truth behind big words and promises. I have always been skeptical about chemicals and big pharma companies.

Big Pharmas create customers not cures. 

A couple of years ago I happened to attend a seminar on alternative healing methods. I have to confess that the only thing that captured my attention –and I still  remember it!!! -was the word HEMP. I am a very sincere person as you can see 🙂. I was impressed by the amount of information, facts and personal stories connected with the capabilities and potential this plant and its products offer to us.

Then cancer knocked on “my” door. Thank God none of my family, but a few friends of mine were diagnosed with breast cancer.

At that time even pronouncing the word cannabis was considered a crime.

Imagine using one of its products!!!

We searched the web, the local market and we finally managed to get some CBD oil. They admit that it helped them get through chemo with minimal side effects. But there is more…

And the Journey Continues

  1. My father suffers from psoriasis,
  2. my sister has recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease
  3. and my mother always complains about pain on legs and knees.

I bet you are thinking: OMG!

I purchased a Full Spectrum CBD body butter and convinced my father to give it a try.

He started using it a couple of weeks ago…

We were happy to see positive results soon. His skin seems “relaxed” not as “tight” as it used to be. H was reluctant at the beginning but not anymore.

Next patients: mother and sister! (just kidding guys and gals! I am not a doctor, I’m just a dreamer). Perhaps I should say the next stops of the Hemp Journey: mother and sister. Think pink, right?

Will You Join Me?

So here I am joining forces with the rest of the hemp community trying to spread the truth about Hemp and CBD oil.

I would love to eliminate all prejudice associated with it, to inform of the benefits Hemp CBD oil products offer to health and beauty and to promote the incorporation of Hemp products into our everyday lives.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Hemp Health & Beauty