This website is about helping people get in touch with the pharmaceutical and cosmetic properties of hemp or cannabis and its products.  It will take a look at the possibilities we are given to improve health and beauty using it.

Why was this website created?

Hemp is the new horizon and there are a lot of health and beauty products who contain its active ingredients out there! Some are advisable, others not. It is of crucial importance to research what the market offers and this is what this website intends to be- your precious helper for your research and purchase solutions.

Thank you for your visit. If you have any questions or if you just want to give us your opinion, share a personal experience or add your knowledge on the subject to ours, please don’t hesitate to contact us here 



  1. Hi Effie, I really enjoyed working my way through your website. It is very well set out and easy to navigate.
    CBD. is a great topic that not too many people know about and those who do know a little, such as myself still learn more each day.
    Your website is very interesting and informative. I like that one can even use CBD. on pets.
    I’m absolutely sure that the readers of your website will benefit a great deal from your content.
    Can’t wait to see it expand and possibly also some information of where one could purchase quality oil, something about dosage/strength per illness and also possible side effects.

    1. Welcome to my website Shaun! I’m glad you liked it ! I’m doing my best to expand it and soon you wi be able to find what you want. As far as dosage is concerned you can find some information here

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