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What About Vaping CBD Oil?

By | 04/06/2019

I have already told you that cannabidiol is a passion of mine. (A sin confessed is a sin no more, right?) When I don’t research a topic or write an article, I have this unusual habit: I hang around with my favorite groups and participate in discussions about CBD oil. Or answer questions regarding it.… Read More »

Can You Travel with CBD Oil? [UPDATED]

By | 26/04/2019

What are you doing? Packing, huh? Please, ignore my presence and go on! Toothpaste-check Toothbrush-check Shampoo-check CBD oil-check STOP! CBD oil check? Are you sure about it? I’ll ask you a simple question: Can you travel with CBD oil? You seem puzzled. You haven’t thought about it, right? Trust me, the answer to my question… Read More »

Does CBD Oil Make You Hungry?

By | 03/04/2019

To tell you the truth, I was working on another article when a message arrived: “I have the munchies! I hope it’s not from the CBD oil but it would be nice to have something to blame it on besides poor self-control!” (I won’t reveal you the sender’s name yet, even though – I bet… Read More »

Hemp Plant vs Marijuana Plant: What Are the Differences?

By | 15/03/2019

There are decades behind negative propaganda and misleading information regarding Cannabis . Nowadays, things seem to change and the health benefits of this amazing plant are shown by scientific research and appreciated by millions of people. Yet, the distinction between cannabis, hemp, and marijuana is not clear to consumers. A lot of people, out there, use… Read More »

Athletes that Use CBD-A New Era for the Sports World

By | 07/03/2019

The dawn of the 1st of January 2018 brought a huge change in the global history of competitive sports: it ended the prohibition of CBD products allowing professional athletes around the world to use them. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) decided to drop CBD from its list of banned substances. Thanks to this decision, Olympians… Read More »