CBD Oil Drug Interactions

Enzyme Metabolism CBD

CBD Oil drug interactions is a very sensitive and important topic. Dosage and interactions are perhaps the most common question people ask when seeking information regarding Cannabidiol. It’s logic: it’s our health we are talking about, isn’t it? Potential interactions of CBD with our medications can put your health at risk. Before you start reading […]

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Quit Smoking with CBD

CBD To Quit Smoking

Dentist day today. Nooo! It is not the International Dentist’s day. It’s the day I have my mouth hygiene checked. I hate it as much as you do. I am lucky enough, though, to have Marina as my dentist. Marina, as a person, is the exact opposite of her profession. Tender, loving, she suffers from […]

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CBD oil on Anxiety Disorders – How to, How often, How much

CBD OIl For Anxiety Disorders

As mentioned in a previous article, research has brought significant evidence regarding the positive effects of CBD oil on all five major types of anxiety disorders. It is estimated that 1 in 13 suffers from anxiety and depression globally. It seems that it’s a global issue, doesn’t it? A lot of people have decided to […]

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