CBD Oil Benefits for Men-For Your Eyes Only!


I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and…


He was talking to me!

I was doing nothing but listening to his numerous complaints regarding his “male” issues.

One of them was evident: His forehead seemed to be worryingly extending at a high speed!

Suddenly the idea of a brand new article came to me!

CBD oil benefits for men! Simply and solely for men! Exclusively for men!

(Sorry, girls! There will be no answers for you this time. You are invited to read, though)

Men from Mars, Women from Venus

The title of this awesome book (I suggest that you read it!) is underlining the differences between men and women in terms of behavior and psychology.

The physical differences are obvious to all, right?

But how about their health concerns? What are the fears and preoccupations regarding their looks and well being? What are the “sex-specific” ailments men have or may have in the future?

I realized I have no idea about the topic.

Since I am a Venus resident, I texted some friends of mine who live on Mars asking for guidance and male intelligence (!!!).  

The answers were immediate and precise.

Some of my friends’ messages revealed an intense male interest in ways to improve their physical condition. Muscle tissue growth, stamina, energy levels, DOMS were some of the topics they mentioned. The “gym” warrior stereotypic worries.

Some others suggested the contemporary “diseases” their hectic lifestyle and work rhythms bring along: poor sleep and excessive stress and anxiety

I was disappointed. I had covered these topics thoroughly with a recent article of mine regarding the positive effects of CBD oil on fitness “addicts”. Are these the only worries males have? Am I left with nothing else to write about?

Then it happened.

An intense bombardment of messages containing terms I could never think of, such as low testosterone levels, prostate issues, prostate cancer, even hair loss!

Some other messages were a little more explicit and audacious -I thank you for them-: erectile dysfunction, better sex life,  stamina during intercourse, fertility issues.

Oh my! Life on Mars seems less simple than I would imagine!

I’m rolling up my sleeves, guys! You, bring beer and popcorn. The “game” is about to start!

CBD oil for prostate cancer

What? Cancer!

Shocked, huh? I know most of you are young and prostate concerns don’t worry you -for the time being.

Addressing to the most unpleasant and fatal issue is a technique I, always, use to captivate your attention.

Prostate cancer is the second most prevalent (behind skin cancer) and the second most fatal form of cancer (after lung cancer) among American men. Approximately 14% of men will be diagnosed with this ailment during their lifetime. I, really, wish you belonged to the remaining 86%. But, since you never know, better informed than sorry, right?

Up to some time ago cannabis products were used to ease the devastating side effects of chemo to cancer patients. Further studies have indicated THC’s potential in inhibiting the proliferation of tumor cells in vitro and in lowering their prevalence.

The most exciting news of all, though, links to scientific claims that CBD should be added to our arsenal against prostate cancer.

A very important study has indicated cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis as a potential anticancer drug.  

There are mounting studies reporting that Cannabidiol

According to Dr. Sean McAllister, of the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, the ID-1 gene is active during embryonic development.  When the development process is concluded the gene switches off and remains off.

But in several types of metastatic cancer, the ID-1 gene is activated causing the invasion and the metastasis of malignant cells. CBD’s ability to switch off  ID-1 expression indicates a significant breakthrough in anti-cancer treatment.

CBD Oil For Better Sex Life

Furthermore, an in-vitro and in-vivo study has shown that CBD and other non-THC cannabinoids inhibit the growth of prostate carcinoma. It delays cancer growth and inhibits tumor angiogenesis [=“Tumor angiogenesis is the growth of new blood vessels that tumors need to grow.” (1) ).  (Result: tumors starve to death. Sorry, I felt the need of some humor)

The impact of CBD on your Endocannabinoid System is of major importance. The presence of excessive amounts of receptors on prostate malignant cells reveals a possible correlation between a deficient ECS and cancerous cell reproduction.

I won’t be tired repeating that the key to your wellness is homeostasis (=equilibrium). Any lack of balance leads to Endocannabinoid System Deficiency and numerous diseases.

I would suggest that you gave cannabidiol a chance to restore the balance in your body to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Besides a deficient ECS and according to scientists, prostate cancer is due to

  1. Bad diet. Consuming red meat cooked at high temperatures along with its fat is suggested to contribute to prostate cancer
  2. Lack of physical exercise
  3. High levels of testosterone.


Did I say testosterone? I’ve got a question of yours to answer regarding it.

CBD and testosterone

So now, you are all ears, huh?

I can read the question in your eyes: what is the relationship between CBD and testosterone levels? Is there a possibility that it affects them negatively?

First things first.. Let’s see where and how testosterone is produced. (you know how my brain works… Deviating 🙂 )

Cannabinoid receptors exist in your testicular tissue (don’t blush! This is science speaking..) and your sperm. Furthermore, they are found in sections of the hypothalamus.

Your hypothalamus releases the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). In response to GnRH, the pituitary gland produces luteinizing hormone (LH)  which enters in the bloodstream, arrives in the gonads and stimulates Leydig cell production of testosterone in your testes.

Your Endocannabinoid System (ECS)  is closely related to your reproductive system because it is linked to your hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA axis).

CB1 receptors of your ECS exist in your anterior pituitary (perhaps you know it as adenohypophysis) and the Leydig cells. Both CB1 and CB2 receptors are found in Sertoli cells (that help in the process of spermatogenesis)

It seems that the ECS is an essential regulator of the HPA axis.

Phytocannabinoids are known to interact with your ECS. Scientists have found that when they bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of your ECS, the production of testosterone is suppressed.

This is certainly not good news! Don’t panic!

There is a huge BUT…

CBD can’t be accused of the crime of reducing your masculinity for a simple reason: it doesn’t bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Blame its sibling THC for this (recreational smokers beware! )

What can CBD do to your testosterone levels?

CBD Liposome Hemp Extract
CBD Soft Gels

I can see you are getting impatient. Relax and pass me a beer!

I won’t lie to you. There is no hard -or soft 🙂 – evidence that CBD oil will positively enhance your major androgen. It seems it hasn’t got the ability to boost your T(estosterone) levels directly.



You didn’t get the hint, then! I said directly, didn’t I?

Now you got it, right?

Cannabidiol has the ability to affect your T levels indirectly:

  1. By reducing cortisol levels.
  2. By reducing prolactin levels

Trust me, you want cortisol and prolactin levels lowered as both of them are inversely connected with testosterone. This means that when one is decreased, the other is increased.

High amounts of prolactin and cortisol (=the stress hormone) will probably lead you to depression. As a result, your T levels will drop. Keeping prolactin and cortisol levels low helps your body preserve and stabilize testosterone levels.

  1. By preventing the oxidation of testosterone in the liver, CBD allows it to circulate unbound for a longer time. You should know that it is useless unless it’s free to hang around!
  2. By flushing dioxin, a toxin that is found to lower T levels, out of your system.

In case you are interested in natural ways to boost your T levels, I suggest  that you

  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Adopt a healthy diet
  • Achieve optimal weight
  • Train regularly
  • Eliminate stress and anxiety
  • Avoid drugs and excessive alcohol consumption

Do any of the above suggestions ring a bell?

Yes, you can use CBD to get some good night’s sleep, moderate your appetite and lose weight. It can assist you with post-workout recovery and eliminate stress and anxiety from your life.

Shame on you if you underestimated its ability to positively influence your T levels in an indirect and holistic way!   

CBD oil and fertility

You think that having talked about testosterone, I have covered the fertility issue, right?


We all know that when your testes don’t produce more testosterone, your sperm amount decreases resulting in difficulties in conceiving a child. Ok, we know that even though CBD can positively influence the existing T levels, it can’t increase them.

But it may help with fertility issues in a different way.

A study has identified an incredible correlation linking cannabidiol, male fertility, and the procreation process.


The GPR18 receptor, considered only a part of the ECS, was found existing in sperm cells. This discovery proves that cannabinoids and the ECS are directly linked to fertility.

Yet, the data related to THC and CBD is completely different.

Studies have shown THC may affect testosterone levels and sperm maturation, decrease sperm count and mobility and increase the production of abnormal sperm cells. (are you sure you still want to light that joint?)

CBD Energy Drink

On the other hand, scientific findings imply that CBD plays a fundamental role in a biological process essential for procreation: the acrosome reaction.

According to Dr. Hans Hatt of Ruhr University, the activation of the GPR18 receptor in sperm cells results in the onset of the acrosome reaction.

And magic happens!

While the sperm rushes towards the egg, digestive enzymes are released and alter the spermatozoa’s surface This helps them penetrate the egg. Without the GPR18 receptor and the ECS as a whole, the reaction wouldn’t happen and fertilization would be impossible.

The endocannabinoid that activates the receptor is anandamide and we all know that CBD enhances the duration of its presence in your body.

Even though the evidence brought is promising, more studies are needed to support CBD’s positive impact on male infertility.

See? It all comes to homeostasis!

And balance is a keyword that reveals the impact of

CBD on erectile dysfunction

My research has revealed to me that getting an erection is an extremely complicated process because it involves the cooperation of a lot of constituents of your organism.

Male impotence hints at various health issues apart from aging…

Let’s see what causes erectile dysfunction and how CBD can help you.

  • Atherosclerosis. High amounts of fat and cholesterol generate inflammation in your body. Inflammation restricts the flow of blood to your penis with disastrous results. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can come to your erection’s rescue.
  • Hormone Imbalance. The interaction of CBD with your ECS to promote balance positively affect the regulation of your hormones and consequently hormone-related impotence.  
CBD For Erectile Dysfunction
  • Anxiety and Depression. A 2015 study showed that depression and anxiety are prevailing in patients with erectile dysfunction. CBD’s anxiolytic and antidepressant properties may treat impotence related to these factors.
  • Toxins. Some researchers relate impotence to a toxin named dioxin. (yes, the same we met in the testosterone section) CBD has been shown to be able to eliminate it and prevent it from showing up again.
  • Pain. If pain during sexual intercourse is the factor causing erectile dysfunction, remember that CBD has potent analgesic properties.

The following subject is the reason you are here. I know you have tolerated me so far waiting for me to get to the point 🙂

CBD oil and sex. Better sex.

I am not implying there are any problems in the pants department but there is always room for improvement, right?

Recent research indicates you could get a boost in sexual performance and stamina during intercourse that can “spice up and better” your sex life.

  • CBD helps with anxiety. Bad sex or -worse- no sex result from your inability to relax. CBD helps your sexual inhibition and sexual excitation system cooperate to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • CBD helps with pain. Whether it is a migraine or pain during intercourse CBD can help. Lack of pain will boost the spirits and will bring you to the right mood.

This isn’t valid only to you, my dear Adonises. A few drops of CBD oil or a cannabidiol powder shake offered to your Venuses and excuses like ” I’ve got a headache” will be ancient history!

CBD Massage Oil

And why not? Some CBD infused massage oil would prove the tantric relationship of cannabidiol with sex and add lots of excitement while getting down to business.  

How about stamina?

I’ll say nothing. I’ll let a friend of mine speak:

“The point is that CBD can help with a lot of sex-related issues, from erectile dysfunction to increase of stamina during the intercourse. I had some fun experience with my girlfriend with which I can confirm a huge increase of stamina during the sex :)”

(Now, it’s me blushing…)

Last but not least

CBD and hair loss

Baldness is not as alarming as prostate cancer but it’s definitely embarrassing. (Try to imagine a bald Adonis! )

When it comes to male pattern baldness or hair loss, most of the resources online use the term CBD Hemp oil.

I get mad when I realize that vendors play with words and confuse their clients. They add the word CBD to the name of the product and in the ingredients list underlining its rich content in essential Fatty Acids and Omegas. They add a word and a respectable amount to the price.

They forget to add that it’s hemp seed oil that contains all these benefits to hair growth ingredients.

I didn’t find any study that certifies that CBD oil can help you with hair loss issues. (If you find one, let me know!)

Scientific research reports, though, that  Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids are essential to increase hair growth. Hemp Seed Oil contains these miraculous fatty acids among other beneficial substances for healthy skin and hair.

Hemp Hair Shampoo

Certainly, CBD oil can aid by reducing inflammation and stress that can induce hair loss.

So, don’t bite the bait and buy a ridiculously overpriced CBD shampoo and conditioner. Continue consuming the traditional CBD oil product and add a hemp seed oil product to your hair care routine.

(And why not? Skincare? 🙂 )

Don’t keep your bedroom secrets to yourself. Share any experience of yours leaving a comment below. Questions are welcomed, too!

If you want to know if I have published a new article, or get information about CBD news, product releases or promotions, don’t hesitate to sign up for my email list!

DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not meant to alleviate or cure any disease or disorder. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.


  1. Hello, I am really impressed the way you explained in detail CBD benefits for men & am very keen to take CBD on regular basis for general health & managing my stress levels, I am regularly working out in Gym ( 4 days per week ) & really concerned about CBD effect on my testosterone levels (which you explained above) but I have come across some studies which state otherwise & show drop in T levels & reproductive toxicity in MAle swiss mice after regular usage of CBD (link provided below), can you please advise as I really wanted to use CBD but concerned after reading this study, thanks in advance !!


    1. Hi Gaurav! I’ve read the study and noticed that the mice were given doses of 15 and 30 mg kg daily!!! These are really high doses and would be equivalent to 1350 mg and 27OO mg for a 90kg man daily. I bet you don’t take so much CBD. After all when it comes to cannabidiol treatment “less is more” and microdosing is the best thing to do; you might miss the substance’s beneficial effects with high doses. There are occasions in which users that started high, had to significantly lower their servings to find their sweet spot. I really hope I have helped you. Feel free to contact me any time you want 🙂 Take care!

      1. Hi Effie, thanks for your reply..I agree dosage are pretty high but u think at lower doses the ill effect wont be there n rather would be beneficial for T levels. Is there any study to support that ?

        1. Welcome back Gaurav! I am not sure I understood what you mean with the phrase “ill effect”.
          What we know is that the ECS is one of the major regulatory feedback mechanisms in the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (HPG axis). When CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors are blocked or when the ECS is not as healthy as it should be (“hungry” ECS) reproductive function issues appear..THC binds directly to the endocannabinoid receptors while CBD interacts with the ECS indirectly.
          Cannabidiol slows down T synthesis while it is in the bloodstream but when it’s gone T production returns to normal levels (it seems that the body for some reason changes its priorities and puts T production in second place). The interesting thing is that while this happens, the serum T levels aren’t lowered and T oxidation in the liver is suppressed.
          Generally speaking (we are both aware that the cannabinoids research is at an embryonic stage) CBD isn’t considered a deterrent. Low anandamide levels were found to be responsible for asthenozoospermia and oligoasthenoteratozoospermia compared with normozoospermic men.

          May I suggest something? Take a break from using CBD and get your androgens levels checked. Then start using it again for a month at low servings, up to 25 mg max. Then get your T levels checked again. I feel you are preoccupied -and it’s normal- and sometimes the brain can play dirty tricks to us: the nocebo effect. In the meantime, I will be looking for newer studies. As soon as I have more information I’ll let you know ( I assume it’s ok if I use your email address. Or you can subscribe to my newsletter and be regularly in touch 🙂 ) I hope I could help a bit

          1. Thanks Effie !! I would go by your suggestion & get the blood work done.. between I am just taking under 10mg/day CBD & believe that’s a small dose..only started worring after seeing these rodent studies & lack of reviews/ studies in humans. Would love to have more info & you may contact me thru mail..I have also subscribed to your news letter, thanks again..

          2. That’s great Gaurav! Please, keep me informed of the results. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. Thanks Effie.

    Some of the issues here need to be addressed and a lot of guys won’t talk about them.

    I personally have had/having issues with some of the topics and while some are getting better, some seem to be sending around in circles trying to sort them out.

    You make a great argument for CBD oil for some of the issues and your research and information is top notch, so thanks for taking the time to explain the science.

    I have yet to try CBD oil but from what I have learned from your site over the past few months, I am starting to take it very seriously. The only thing at the moment is the cost and I doubt I could get my GP to prescribe.

    Thanks for another informative article,

    1. Michael, welcome back! I am glad you find my article helpful and informative. I hope things in the financial sector will get better in the future and you will be able to give CBD oil a try. Be well, my friend!

  3. I’ve read so many of your blog posts and it seems to me that everyone should just incorporate at least a little CBD oil in their daily routine. Either cook with it, take a drop or two, a capsule. It’s really such a healthy thing to do.

    1. Welcome back, Suzanne! You are so right! Incorporating CBD oil in your daily routine is a “balanced” choice 🙂 Ore should I say “homeostatic” choice? 🙂 One should be careful whenever he uses cannabidiol in cooking because excessive heat causes CBD to evaporate and lose its potency and therapeutical properties. Its boiling point is between 320 to 356 degrees F. Be sure not to go over its boiling point

  4. Thanks for your sharing. I have more knowledge because of the posts. Your pieces of advice help me so much. They are awesome and helpful. They tell me exactly what I want to know. I love to read your posts. I wait for them everyday. I’m very excited to enjoy new articles. Once again, thanks a lot. Have a good day!

    1. I’m glad you are back! And I’m happy you like my articles! Please feel free to share them with your friends and your virtual community. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding a subject that interests you. Perhaps this will lead me to an article 🙂 I would be more than happy to help! Have a great day!

  5. Your article on the benefits of CBD oil for men is right on point. The older you get the more you think about all of these subjects. Having a simple way of treating some of the common problems most men face in their older life is great.
    Your article shows a great deal of research on this subject, I am glad that I have used CBD oil for a while now.
    Don’t you think that the people from Venus should read this to help in their partners health issues before they start.

    1. They definitely have to read the article, John! Mars residents should read articles related to female health issues. Both sexes should know the ailments that make the opposite sex suffer either physically or psychologically. This way they can understand and consequently help each other! Thank you for being here with us!

  6. Wow! I have never heard that CBD could be one of the tools to fight prostate cancer. I’m surprise that it can be a boost for testosterone and fertility problems. Now, I have heard that it could help for erectile problem since a lot of men have this problem because of stress and anxiety. But here, I would prefer to fix the problem itself instead of trying to get rid of the symptoms…

    1. Exactly! CBD targets the cause, not the symptoms! This ability of it makes it such an amazing product! It is great for anxiety and stress as you already know. Thanks for your comment, Jo!

  7. I think hair loss is the one thing I’ve always feared (even above prostate cancer!) but so far, I’ve been rather lucky, especially the fact my hair is thicker. I’ve read sources supporting what you were saying that it’s hemp seed that supports hair growth rather than CBD, and the fact some companies like to add CBD to increase the price is a form of theft.

    However, the more we expose such companies’ tricks to the trade, the faster we the people can weed them out which will leave the honest companies fighting for our demands of legitimate products.

    1. Welcome, Todd! Hemp seed oil contains omegas. CBD oil fights inflammation. A combination of both could make wonders to health and wellness, physical and psychological. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us!

  8. I do believe in a vast list of benefits from CBD oil. It’s great to see that the list is going on and on. I like the quote from your friend, he’s right! CBD, in general, is a stress reliever and we all know how we feel when we’re stress-free. 🙂 The mind gets bored, and the naughty thoughts start to pop in. I enjoyed reading another of your fantastic articles. Keep up the good work! We need more medicines that come straight from our Mother Nature, as well as more people who can spread the good word about them.

    1. I like using my friends’ experiences in my articles. Studies and scientific research are as important as a user’s opinion and experience. They both combine to inform, help and answer my readers’ questions. Thanks for sharing your personal point of view with us, Ivan!

  9. With so many researched and documented benefits from using CBD oil you’d think that it would be available everywhere. But unfortunately, I still cannot buy it in my country! Instead, those with problems as you have mentioned above have to rely on conventional pharmaceutical drugs with all of their side effects and often do not address the underlying cause of the problem. CBD oil is great as it seems to balance out the body’s natural regulatory systems and helps everything to do its job properly ensuring that wellness can be maintained.
    Of course, it goes without saying that diet, exercise, and reducing stress are hugely important to maintaining a healthy body and mind.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Welcome back, Andrew! I’m sorry CBD oil isn’t legal in your country. Yet! I am sure it will be someday. The more science proves its benefits, the more people will put pressure on governments to legalize it. On my mind, CBD is a synonym of balance!

  10. Hi Effie, great information in here .. thank you!
    I have a question, as I quit about a month ago using any kind of shampoo
    and I am only washing my hair with sodium bicarbonate…
    I have good results, but I want to ask if this can get better with the
    traditional CBD oil product, what do you think?

    1. Welcome, Marian! Hemp seed oil is packed with Omegas which are essential for good hair health. I believe that if one uses CBD oil to improve and maintain overall wellness and adds hemp seed oil to his haircare routine, the results might be impressive

  11. Yes, I’ve heard omega fatty acids can help a little. I think the male balding pattern is associated with Dihydrotestosterone (which increases as testosterone increases too); my concern was that if Dihydrotstosterone increases by exercise-induced hypertrophy and muscle recovery (muscle growth), then hair loss increases as well; but if Dihydrotestosterone decreases or is inhibited, then muscle building decreases too. Certainly, it seems like the best benefits of cbd would be the inti-inflamatory, anti-cortisol, hormone-balancing effects (which could allow you to keep your hair while building muscle, right? The best of the two worlds 🙂 Thank you for the information, it helped a lot 🙂

    1. The cannabis compounds that are found to inhibit DHT from binding to CB1 receptors are THC and CBN, this is the reason that I didn’t include DHT in my article. But it has been found that scalp and hair follicle inflammation and irritation can also lead to hair loss. As you know, CBD is an inflammation warrior :-).

    2. Although I am a Venus resident I found your article very interesting. I know of the benefits of cbd oil and I wanted to find out more. My friend used cbd oil extract when she was battling cancer and going through chemo. She has healed and she’s doing great now.

      1. Welcome to my website Christine! It’s amazing that a Venus resident took the time to comment on an article about “male” issues. I should thank you for sharing your friend’s experience with us! I am glad she is healed and doing fine!

  12. Hi Effie, if you remember me, I asked you in an earlier convo about the best treatment for beginners, and you said tinctures. Now in the light of this post, would you recommend the same treatment for these issues, or would you add something else? Thanks.

    1. Welcome back, Phil! Yes, I’d recommend the same treatment It has the best bioavailability (after vaping, of course. If you are a smoker and used to vaping you could choose this method of taking CBD)

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