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Having posted my CBD oil on Anxiety Disorders series of articles, I thought: OK I am over and done with anxiety. Not true.

For the last two days, I’ve been anxious (!!!) to start a new article regarding CBD oil for pet anxiety.

At first, I thought of writing a single article for both our beloved creatures, cats and dogs. But I changed my mind when I realized that it would be too long, thus a bit confusing for a dog or cat mummy and daddy try to find the information he/she is looking for.

So, here is the first one dedicated to Fido 🙂

Why is my Dog Anxious?

Dog Anxiety Treated By CBDA lot of friends of mine, parents of an anxious dog, ask themselves this question. I bet a lot of you are worried about your dog being anxious. Don’t be alarmed. Your dog knows that you love him. It isn’t something you do that causes anxiety to your baby.

The main categories of the most common reasons your dog suffers from anxiety are:

  • Situational Anxiety – Fear of strangers, sudden loud noise (thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots), travel
  • Behavioral Anxiety – Separation anxiety
  • Illness-induced Anxiety – if your dog is usually calm but suddenly shows anxiety symptoms, take him to his vet. His anxiety could be caused by an underlying illness or disease.

As often as humans, all dogs, no matter big or small, can be affected by anxiety during their lives. Fear and stress are connected to the stimuli from their environment. So is anxiety. Unfortunately, a lot of dogs can suffer from constant anxiety that can practically “ruin” their lives and their parents’ lives.

Separation anxiety is the most common one. Around 17% of all dogs suffer from the “I miss dad /mum” stress. Why? Perhaps because they are over-attached to mommy and daddy.

Any sudden environmental change can also cause them anxiety. Even a change in their routine. Moving into a new home, a new family member or a new pet arrival can cause stress to a dog

A dog’s past can cause various types of anxiety too. For example, a dog that has experienced mental and/or physical abuse tend to be anxious.  Not only abuse can cause anxiety.

I want to tell you the story of Sugar:

Sugar was a quiet, friendly dog. My friend used to describe him as “an eternal baby”. At the age of four, he was attacked by a trained-to-kill Rottweiler while he was taking his evening walk. He survived the attack with several serious injuries and was “hospitalized” for 3 weeks. Six months later, Sugar had a car accident. Surgery, medicines, he went through hell and survived. But … A couple of weeks later anxiety appeared. Along with other common symptoms of anxiety, Sugar became obsessed with his tail and started chewing it. Months of antibiotics and “puppy Prozac” didn’t help him at all. His vet could do nothing but cut his tail off. Now the tail is gone but the rest of the symptoms remain.

What are the Symptoms of an Anxious Dog?

Here follows a list of some important symptoms you should look out of if you suspect your baby suffers from anxiety

  • Aggression
  • Urinating or Defecating in the house despite being trained not to
  • Drooling
  • PantingCBD Dog Fear
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Depression
  • Excessive Barking
  • Pacing
  • Restlessness or Hyperactivity
  • Repetitive or Compulsive Behaviors
  • Whimpering
  • Trembling
  • Nervous licking of the lips
  • Loss of apetite
  • Whining
  • Having accidents in the home
  • Digging
  • Hiding


What is CBD oil for Dogs and How does it Work?

CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is a primary component of the cannabis plant.   It contains less than .03% THC when it is properly produced and this is important because that amount is nontoxic to dogs. If CBD oil contains little or no THC, then the dog is not going to get “high”. (Be sure to verify this before administrating CBD to your dog). This natural and nontoxic oil for dogs is a conversation that is growing day by day, but how does it work?

Well, same as with humans, CBD oil works its way through the body using the dog’s own endocannabinoid system. It will work its way through the nervous system and will give relief to the parts of the body that need it. The same process allows CBD to enter the brain and release serotonin which calms your dog down and helps reduce his anxiety.

CBD is currently used by many dog owners who look for an alternative form of anxiety therapy for their dogs. Research claims that CBD causes a selective anxiolytic effect  and is associated with significantly decreased subjective anxiety

In addition to those, further studies have indicated that chronic use of CBD doesn’t elicit negative side effects and does not induce tolerance

Can CBD help my Anxious Dog?

First things first…

If you notice a sudden change in your dog’s behavior and suspect that he suffers from anxiety, consult his vet. Perhaps, your baby’s anxiety is caused by an illness.

It is highly unlikely that CBD can help with anxiety if it’s illness-induced. I am sure that you don’t want to treat the symptoms of this kind of anxiety and not the actual cause that can be life-threatening. CBD To Treat Dog Anxiety

As far as situational is concerned, CBD alone may be able to help our dog be less anxious and stressed. It’s easy to “predict” an event that can cause your baby stress and administer the right dosage of CBD to him. Your-mother-in-law is due to arrive today? Give some CBD to Fido (and to yourself if you feel the need). 4th of July or New Year’s Eve fireworks? A storm approaching? Before traveling? Changes in his routine? Remember what situational anxiety can be caused by and act as needed.

If your dog suffers from behavioral anxiety, CBD may be able to help as a complimentary aid. To treat this kind of anxiety, I think, you should combine it with proper training.

Can I give CBD for Humans to my Dog?

Well, the answer is yes but…

What do I mean with that?

Yes, you can. Your dog has an endocannabinoid system as you and most mammals. The CBD stimulates this system by activating or blocking the receptors the endocannabinoid system contains. This process is exactly the same as for humans, dogs, cats, horses, and most other mammals.

When pet owners started experimenting with CBD for their dogs used human CBD oil, but most of them very soon chose to move on pet CBD oil.

But… Why?

Your dog’s physiology is different from yours. Furthermore, your dog has a more complex endocannabinoid system than yours, with more receptors. For this reason, it can be complicated to calculate the right dosage of your made for humans CBD oil to administer to Fido. For the same reason, you should be ultra-cautious to choose a product which contains less than 0.03 % THC.

What is my advice? Don’t give your CBD to your dog.

The good news is that there are a lot of companies, producing pet CBD oil.

How Can I Give CBD to my Dog?

You can usually find Pet CBD products  in three forms:

What is the right dosage?

I will give you the same advice as to humans :

“start low, go-slow and keep adjusting”

You are introducing a new product into your dog’s life. There’s no need to rush the process.

Generally speaking, CBD oils are administered in drops. Dosage can vary (this depends on the brand and the product you choose) and is primarily determined by the size and weight of your dog.

You can start with half the dosage recommended by the producer. Then, gradually, you can work your way up to the recommended amount, if needed.

CBD capsules usually contain between 5-20mg of CBD each.

The exact dose in capsules may vary from one product to another depending on the concentration of CBD in each capsule. The same rule-advice is applied to them.

CBD dog treats can contain specific concentrations of CBD and should be given to your dog as instructed by the manufacturer.


CBD Side Effects on Dogs

The side effects of CBD are virtually nonexistent. In some rare cases, pet owners have reported lethargy and tiredness. If you notice a side effect, you can eliminate it by reducing your dog’s dosage.

The CBD Trend CBD for Calm Dog

I am not a vet. But I realize CBD oil for dogs can really make a difference in the lives of dogs and their parents. CBD is a natural medicinal alternative which is, slowly but steadily, getting the recognition it deserves. Pet CBD oil is a supplement that can help your dog be calm. Keep in mind that you should make correct use of it. It’s important to collaborate with your dog’s vet to ensure your baby’s well-being.

Open up about using CBD oil for your dog’s anxiety and Fido will thank you!


If you have any questions or want to share your personal experience with CBD, leave a comment below.

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute  professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.The information provided is not meant to alleviate or cure any disease or disorder. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.


  1. Personally, I’m a bit wary of using CBD oil on pets. In certain situations of particularly high anxiety, or if a pet has legitimate neuroses that affect their behavior, then yes, it may be helpful. Otherwise, I much prefer trying to address the underlying problem first, which is usually a lack of exercise (especially for high-energy dogs) or some sort of acquired habit/fixation that never received discipline. Separation anxiety and social anxiety in particular break my heart, because they can usually be trained away if owners just put in the time for it.

    I suppose I see CBD oil like a “quick fix” shortcut solution, and I’d like to see more professional research on the effects it has on pets. All the same, if it does help, then perhaps that’s best, and it’s definitely important to know how to apply it properly if you’re going to use it. Your article is very informative on that front, so thank you.

    1. Welcome to my website Sharon. Thank you so much for sharing your point of view with all of us! As I have pointed in the article, CBD can and must be combined with proper training in cases of behavioral anxiety. I am not sure if a dog can be trained not to be afraid of fireworks, storms, gunshots or other sudden loud noises. Situational anxiety is caused by predictable stimuli. In this case CBD alone can help a dog be less anxious and stressed. I invite you to read Teddy’s story here as an example of how the use of CBD helped a dog with his situational anxiety

  2. Oh this is great information! I can attest to the use of CBD oil for dogs. I have a dog, Teddy, who is a rescue dog and he gets very anxious in certain situations and is generally very jumpy, jumpy, nervous, and hyperactive. The CBD oil is a TREMENDOUS help for him. I also have the treats. If we are going on a long car ride, he generally gets so nervous that he would get sick in the car. So he gets a CBD treat before we head out, and I can tell you that he doesn’t shiver off his fur anymore. Great review!

  3. Hi Effie,

    Great article. I am a huge bulldog lover and I have owned several in the past. While not typically anxious, they usually have a lot of joint issues due to their bone structures and I know a lot of owners that have used CBD oil with them and found great results. I had no idea that they specifically made CBD oil for dogs however, so I will have to pass this article on to them immediately. I just keep learning more and more about CBD oil every time I stop by here. Thank you!

    1. Dan, you know, you are always welcomed here. Next time, I promise , coffee will be ready waiting for you:-) I’m glad your friends use CBD oil for their dogs and I’m sure their furry friends are grateful to them!

  4. hello Effie
    I have four dogs; the New Year’s Night is a nightmare for both them and me because of the noise; otherwise they are not axious, on the contrary they are very loving and “humanized”; for years I have never left New Year’s home to try to relieve they suffering, thank you for the news about CBD oil for Pet Anxiety

    1. Hello Carmen. I hope you will be able to celebrate next New Year’s Eve without worrying about your babies being stressed by fireworks 🙂

  5. Wow, never would have though CBD oil for dogs but it’s natural and makes sense and it seems like everyone has anxiety now in days. My fiance’s sister owns a dog, we’ve known her ever since she was a pup, her name is Aria and shes like a mix of a terrier and some other breed she’s about sm-medium size. She absolutely Hates being alone or away from my fiance’s sister, Idk where she gets it from, might be worth looking into, thanks!

  6. What an interesting article and very insightful indeed! CBD Oil is something that should be more advertised and available for pet owners to consider as options.

    I’m curious to know what happened to Sugar. Did the treatment work on him?

    1. Welcome Andrea! I’m glad you find my article interesting. Sugar is getting better day by day. Excessive barking is the only symptom he shows. We are not sure, yet, if it’s because of his anxiety or because of the numerous cats in the courtyard 🙂 . Only time will tell !

  7. Your discussion of this oil for calming dogs was informative. One question.Is there a way to address the issues before going to the oil?
    Your point about taking your dog to a vet to see if the animal is sick is an excellent one. You certainly don’t want to compound the problem by not knowing its origin.

    1. Hi Cindy! We should always pay attention on our dog’s behavior. Any change should be discussed with our baby’s vet. Our best friend’s psychological health or lack of it can impact his health.

  8. My dog Sydney is so scared of everything. She even gets stuck in rooms when moving from carpet to hardwood floors. I’m going to ask my vet about this – maybe it will help give her some relief. Thanks for posting – great info.

  9. We have started noticing that our dog has become aggressive these days. Additionally, he is suffering from trembling and drooling. As we moved to a new house we think it could be because of that. Do you think it could be the reason? Do you have some suggestions on how to deal with this problem?

    1. Hi Akbar! I guess your dog suffers from anxiety due to the enormous change in his routine. Aggression is the most important of all anxiety symptoms. You never know what to expect by an aggressive dog. Situational anxiety come be treated by CBD oil alone. Consult your dog’s vet and.. Give it a try!

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