CBD Oil in the Gym-Your New Workout Buddy

CBD For Working Out

My relationship with the gym is nonexistent!

I hate being “locked” in a crowded room (big or small makes no difference to me) wheezing and grunting and sweating on rowing machines or chest presses or other medieval torture instruments /devices!

(The only exercise I enjoy is yoga outdoors like a beach, a prairie, forest or something like that)

So, when a workout-maniac friend of mine asked me if he could “bring” CBD oil to the gym, I was caught by surprise. I evaded a direct answer mumbling something I couldn’t understand either and changed the subject. I was too proud to admit that I had no clue what training needs or issues people who exercise regularly have.

In situations like this, expert friends come to my rescue. A few messages and here’s what I got:

Post-workout recovery, muscle growth, post-workout muscle soreness (DOMS-Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), pre-workout boosting properties, fat burning properties (six-pack!), metabolism boost.

(thanks, Jon!)
CBD Warrior

Men are Eternal Warriors

My Spartan male ancestors trained hard to have THE perfect body and to be excellent combatants. Training was their absolute priority from an early age. Their exercise regimen was brutal and striving to transform them into competent protectors of the city-state.

Things haven’t changed since then.

Men have been fighters since the dawn of time and a well-shaped, muscular body is the aim of every “weekday or weekend warrior” entering the gym battleground 🙂

Even though body-to-body combat isn’t applied in the battlefields anymore, there is a “battle” as old as mankind still going on. Perhaps this battle is responsible for the hordes of men flocking together in the gyms worldwide (besides health-consciousness, of course!)   

Isn’t it because women are taken by a beautiful male body, a gorgeously formed six-pack and a pair of massive forearms? Isn’t it because females long for a well-built male forearm to lean on and feel secure? Isn’t it because a typical male wants to be admired for his muscles by the opposite sex?

I bet you are smiling while, deep inside, you agree with me.

So, how about heading to the gym? I’ll sacrifice myself and I will accompany you.

CBD Oil and Sleep

You are right!

It’s a detour. Don’t blame my complex female brain saying I’m complicating the game and modifying its rules.

Before I enter the gym with you, I have to enter your bedroom.

For a simple reason:

“We exercise for a purpose: for cardiovascular health, to increase lean muscle mass, to improve endurance, and more. All of these ‘goals’ require sleep,”

W. Christopher Winter, MD, President of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine

While you are sleeping,  your body repairs and builds up your muscles. It recovers and produces growth hormone which is essential for athletic recovery.

Bad quality sleep undermines your fitness goals and threatens your body’s health and wellness.  

Can regular exercise help you sleep? Certainly.

Will good quality sleep help your workout? Absolutely.


But what if you can’t sleep well even though you train regularly?

What if you are one of the 108 million Americans that (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) can’t get seven to eight hours sleep a day which is the average amount recommended to adults.?

What if you belong to the alarming 80% of Americans who report having trouble sleeping at least once a week?  How can you improve your sleeping patterns to get the maximum outcome from your workout regimen?

This where CBD oil enters the sleep/workout equation.

CBD can help you fall asleep and sleep well. It has the ability to decrease the REM stage of sleep and to prolong NREM stage 4 sleep.

Studies have indicated that it modulates sleep and regulates sleep stability Even though research on cannabinoids is still in an embryonic stage, preliminary studies report that CBD can reduce the symptoms of REM behavior disorder (RBD) and insomnia.  

To verify the scientific research, numerous anecdotal reports from CBD oil users indicate an unexpected positive side effect:  sleep patterns improvement.

So, if you struggle under your blankets trying to get some good night’s sleep, give this alternative, natural substance a chance to prove its value by helping you sleep soundly.

CBD Oil and Stress

You don’t mind a second detour, right? I have to take a look at your brain.

I need you to understand that poor quality sleep may be caused by stress and anxiety.

CBD Fat Burner

It is important to bear in mind that stress is a psychological tension that has serious negative effects on your physiology. So, every time you feel stressed and anxious, you should put the blame on your brain.

Being stressed is often translated as being “unhappy”. Apart from its apparent effects on mood, when stress becomes chronic, it has a negative impact on your neuroendocrine and immune systems. It can cause hypertension and can even lead you to depression.

To get rid of both stress and anxiety you should focus on and aim at the source of the problem.  

CBD oil is a powerful weapon against both stress and anxiety.

Studies have reported that Cannabidiol

  • Has the ability to decrease the stress receptors in the basolateral amygdala ( the sensory information processing center) and in the hippocampus (your brain’s  emotion control center)
  • Cooperates with receptors in the hippocampus and spurs positive emotions and feelings
  • Reduces cognitive impairment, and
  • Triggers the release of serotonin (the hormone of happiness)

CBD oil can restore quality in your relationship with yourself and the people around you.

Here is how my friend John describes what CBD oil brought to his life:

“The ability to handle stress better in a relationship, when the other party is having a moment. I find that I do not fight back with words as I did before. I tend to be a little more mellow and hear the other person out before making a comment. This leads to a better partnership and less fighting over stupid stuff.

I find that I enjoy things that I did when I was younger more now, outside stuff, like taking a walk in the woods or just relaxing with nature. I tend to stop and smell the roses more than just letting the world go by without noticing what went by.”

CBD for Working Out

You slept well, right? No stress or anxiety?


It’s time we headed to the gym!

Pack your things and remember to put that CBD supplement, I brought you, in your gym bag. It’s your secret workout “weapon”. You will need it and I am going to tell you why.

CBD Energy Drink
CBD Water Powder Mix

CBD for Pre-Workout Energy

Scientific research suggests that CBD has an impact on your cardiovascular health.

Two studies conducted in 2013 and 2017 revealed that CBD :

  • Has vasorelaxant properties
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces heart rate
  • Increases blood flow to fundamental regions of your heart and brain.

Both studies hint that the cannabinoid may be valuable protection against cardiovascular diseases.

What does all this scientific stuff have to do with a “gym warrior”?

The impact CBD has on your cardiovascular system can help you work out for longer periods of time.

No more early huffing and puffing while lifting weights.

No premature – and, admit it, embarrassing- fatigue on the treadmill or the bench press.

Longer training sessions mean more calories burnt.

Research has suggested that CBD in low doses is a stimulant and an energy booster. It is no surprise that since the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lifted the ban on CBD, a lot of fitness specialists and professional athletes have embraced it to boost their stamina, energy levels, and muscle buildup.

If it works for them, it can, surely, work for you. So, next time you prepare your pre-workout shake, why don’t you add some CBD powder in it? I’m sure you’ll be amazed by its results.

Catabolic Hormones

At this point, I’d like to introduce you to a sworn enemy of your muscle tissue: catabolic hormones.

What if you are struggling day and night to build up muscle mass and to improve muscle tone? You are doomed to fail if the levels of catabolic hormones, like cortisol, in your body are too high.

Before you panic and start thinking about how to eliminate cortisol completely, I should tell you that your body produces the hormone because it needs it. At normal levels, cortisol hormone helps detoxify your body, intensifies short-term memory and improves your blood sugar levels.

The problems arise when the cortisol levels rise.

Extreme cortisol levels hinder protein synthesis and inhibit tissue growth. They can increase your blood pressure, lower the density of your bones, devour muscle tissue and -in the worst case- can lead you to a complete physical condition collapse.

Fght DOMS with CBD

Catabolic hormone levels aren’t stable; they alternate during the day: at their peak in the morning, they lower throughout the day to hit rock bottom during the night. This is perhaps the reason why muscle recovery is more efficient while you sleep.

Cortisol is stress-sensitive. Its levels tend to rise when:

  • your body experiences the physical stress an intense training program puts it through, and
  • your brain experiences the inevitable environmental stress you live throughout the day.

CBD is shown to have anti-catabolic properties.

Its ability to interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) indicates a direct way cannabidiol can affect cortisol levels.

A 1993 preliminary study conducted on healthy human volunteers suggests CBD interference with cortisol secretion. The study reports a significant decrease in cortisol levels in the blood of participants that were given CBD.

But CBD manages to regulate cortisol levels in a more subtle way. Remember our two detours, sleep, and stress?

  1. By interacting with the CB2 receptors in the limbic and paralimbic areas of your brain, CBD prolongs the slow-wave or delta sleep.

While you enjoy a sound night’s sleep, CBD gives your body the ability to increase protein synthesis and augment the building of muscle tissue process by keeping your cortisol levels are at their lowest point.

  1. Cortisol’s nickname is “ the stress hormone”. CBD’s anti-stress and anxiolytic properties relieve you from both physiologic and environmental stress blocking the excessive production and release of cortisol in your body and balancing its levels.  

CBD for post-workout recovery

How many times have you complained of being “a dead man” after a hard training session? I am sure you have wondered more than once whether the gain is worth the pain.

Ok, it’s great to be athletic, muscular and fit, but how can you cope with sore muscles, stiffness, and joint aches?

DOMS (short for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is every “gym warrior’s’ worst nightmare (especially when he is a newbie).

No, your body isn’t punishing you for the mistreatment 🙂 . You are in pain because your muscle fibers are full of tiny, little tears caused by their continuous rubbing back and forth against each other during training.

No, the pain won’t last forever. It, usually, knocks on your door one to three days after exercise and it waves you goodbye after three to five days.

Don’t complain!

It feels bad but it’s a sign that your body is building stronger and more resistant muscles. This is your goal after all.

Why should you live with it? (I assure you the image of a DOMS suffering man doesn’t, at all, resemble that of a macho Spartan warrior !!)

This is where CBD, your new gym buddy, comes to the rescue.

CBD Body Butter
CBD For Pain

CBD is a natural-born painkiller. It can deal with the swelling thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and deal with the pain because it’s a potent analgesic substance.

CBD’s ability to interact with the cannabinoid receptors in your Endocannabinoid System permits it to reduce inflammation and diminish pain.

The scientific community affirms that CBD exceeds even the vitamins C and D in overpowering the production of cytokine, and chemokine while enhancing T-regulatory cell production to assist your body’s anti-inflammatory mechanism.

Why should you turn to synthetic painkillers with all their adverse side effects when you can heal your body holistically, naturally and with no addiction risks?

Lots of NFL, NBA, NHL, and MMA athletes and an increasing number of Olympians have switched from opioids to CBD oil products to cope with the issues their intense training sessions cause to their bodies. They know better, don’t you think?

CBD Oil for Stamina

When it comes to CBD there is good news and …

Even better news!

Increased stamina is the “promised land” to all fitness enthusiasts. It’s a sign that your goals of improving your physical conditions are achieved.

CBD can boost your stamina levels  in two distinct ways:

  • Anandamide

The sign that reveals you that your stamina is increased and optimized is the legendary and glorious “runner’s high”.

Well, it has been, wrongly, associated with endorphins for decades.

Recent findings, however, have shown that the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for generating this abrupt onset of this euphoric and calm feeling.

CBD should be given credit for all this.

It suppresses the enzyme FAAH (or ‘fatty acid amide hydroxylase’) which is responsible for destroying anandamide, your body’s own antidepressant. With FAAH out of the way, more anandamide stays in our system and for longer periods of time causing to feel good, pain-free and euphoric.

  • Insulin

A key factor that influences building muscle and boosting stamina is the maintenance of blood sugar at optimal levels.

CBD’s anti-inflammation properties are essential in this case.

Chronic inflammation causes insulin resistance that can result in type 2 diabetes.

By fighting inflammation, CBD helps your body regulate your blood sugar levels. This means less insulin present in your body and consequently less fat stored. Less fat means your body enters an anticatabolic mode of function producing more muscle.

Start Firing on all Cylinders with CBD

With CBD busy optimizing homeostasis (=balance) in your body, get ready!

While you are firing on all cylinders, your energy levels get enhanced, your stamina is boosted and your breathing rhythm is regulated.

CBD Salve
CBD Hemp Balm Lotion

CBD, your anti-inflammatory employee, will keep you cramp-free and regulate your dopamine levels to normal levels.

It will help you enter “the Goldilocks Zone” where your mind, body, and spirit cooperate harmonically  and everything feels “just right.”

Its anti-catabolic properties confirm that it is one of the most essential supplements in fitness regimens aiming at muscle increase.

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can aid all fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes.

The market has made it easy for a consumer to use it since it comes in versatile types. It can be consumed orally when it is in the form of capsules, soft gels, tinctures, and dissolvable powder. It can relieve topical inflammation when it is in the form of creams and salves. It can even be vaped!

Be sure that you find a trustworthy brand that can provide you with a quality product. You can consult the brands’ reviews you can find on my website and stay tuned for future ones.

Get the “High” you Deserve

No, not the “high” you are thinking of. It’s THC that causes it, not CBD!

My trusted brands are Endoca, Joy Organics, VerifiedCBD, Elixinol, Avid Hemp and Nganic). Their products contain from 0.3% to 0% of THC. So, you won’t be arrested for driving under the influence while going back home after the gym. Nor do you have to worry about legality issues or anti-doping controls.

CBD will give you the “runner’s high” and will shoot your energy, stamina, and performance as high as you dream of!

What are you expecting? Grab your CBD product and jump on the treadmill! Your fitness future seems brighter now!

Premium Quality CBD Oil Products

If you have any questions or want to share your personal experience regarding CBD oil and workout, leave a comment below.

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not meant to alleviate or cure any disease or disorder. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.


  1. Whenever I get mail alerts of your new articles, I am sure I am in for a lesson; and indeed I have learnt more about CBD oil. I don’t go to the gym due to the limited time I have after work but I do some light jogging and bicycle rides. This article has a solution to muscle recovery after exercises. I have friends of mine that have given up on the gym just because of post-workout effects. I now know how I can help them.
    I need to have quality sleep and all the benefits that come with it. This means I need CBD Oil as soon as possible.
    Thank you Effie for keeping the wonderful blogs flowing.

    1. I was wondering why one of my favorite students was absent, lately:-) I understand your time is limited after work. Yes, CBD can help with post-workout pain and DOMS and can improve the quality of your sleep! It’s an amazing substance and a safe alternative to painkillers. Thank you so much for your kind words and enthusiasm, Ahimbe!

  2. I am not a gym person, I like to workout in the outdoors. Bike riding or playing a sports game with my son is my workout. The CBD oil seems to let me workout without as much effort as before. I am an older person and getting the right amount of sleep daily is very important to being able to get the most out of every day of life.
    Thanks for your informational post. This information should be of great value to those wishing to workout and get those abs.
    Would like to do Yoga on the beach, not thinking that others would like to see me try this.

    1. Welcome back, John! Being informed of the significance and the importance of quality sleep for your health -not only for fitness and the contribution of CBD in its improvement can help you better the quality of your life in general, don’t you think?

  3. I like that you said that CBD can help you sleep and well. Because a lot of products help you to sleep but when you wake up, you are still tired. It’s the first time that I hear that CBD energy drinks exist. Great since very soon I will go back to the gym. Need to get back in shape…

    1. Well, why don’t you take CBD with you as a personal wellness coach, Jo! It is a great shape and fit supplement, don’t you think? Welcome back!

  4. I can simply say: Wow! CBD Oil In The Gym is a very informative article indeed. I am not one for going to a gym either but after reading your article I am pretty motivated to hit the gym once more.

    I am amazed at the CBD products out there and the first time ever I have heard about a CBD energy drink.

    But mostly the article addressed many of my concerns and one would be struggling to sleep at night. I have the feeling that being stressed perhaps leads to my sleeplessness which in my mind can perhaps lead to anxiety and feeling depressed.

    CBD seems to tick the boxes for me; providing the solutions to my problems while packaged in a product with far less side effects (if any at all) than prescription drugs.

    CBD products can surely be a cost effective and healthy alternative to modern medicine and supplements and it is worth a try.

    Thank you for this informative article, Effie.

    1. Welcome, John. CBD is known for its relaxing effects and lots of people report that their sleep quality was improved after consuming it. I, strongly, believe it’s an amazing supplement that can help people treat both physical and psychological issues. After all, our overall wellness, isn’t a combination of physical and psychological health?

  5. Well to start off my comment I have to say I am neither a gym person nor am I a yoga person.
    I was born with ADHD and I have had to suffer from its effects all my life. However, as I read your article I have seen a lot of things that this CBD seems to help with, Even though I am not speaking on anything GYM related. The things I am speaking on is the symptoms associated
    with ADHD such as anxiety, and depression. everything that I have read in your article seems to point towards CBD Actually helping these conditions. Therefore I must say to you, Effie, that your article may have been the subject of how CBD is good for the gym. I also find it extremely informative as to help with other issues outside of the gym. I really want to thank you for taking the time and energy to not only research this subject but also to write a very well spoken article I really appreciate you and all the information you have provided here.
    thank you again and keep up the awesome work.

    1. Welcome to my website Roy. CBD oil does help with anxiety and depression. Research on CBD as a treatment for ADHD is, unfortunately, sparse. If you decide to give it a try, I would advise you to discuss the subject with your physician and not to take initiative without consulting him. Be well!

  6. Hi Effie,

    Just a newbie question: which product do you recommend for getting started with this, at low cost? Thanks a lot, Phil

    1. Welcome, Phil! The golden rule is “start low go slow and keep adjusting”. I would suggest a 250-300 mg tincture that costs around $30-40. Dosage depends on many factors. You can get more information here

      1. Thanks, that’s exactly the beginner’s introduction I was looking for! I’m going to read your article very carefully before I try.

  7. One of the best benefits of CBD oil and exercise combined is that it’s a double dose of stress relief. Plus you’re doing something that will empower your body and mind. You see, while body and mind are in the state of stress, our imagination, reason, memory, intuition, will, and perception cannot work correctly. Everyday work becomes harder in a stressed state of mind.

    However, CBD oil in combination with exercise can help release stress completely. When body and mind are in the state of complete relaxation and balance, our creativity, productivity, and overall life quality improve drastically.

    In the end, the results in sleep quality are going to be excellent as well. Good night sleep is going to be just another connecting benefit of CBD oil and exercises. I can vouch for this because I have a remarkable positive experience.

    Thanks for sharing an excellent piece of content with us.

    1. When I finished the article I felt exhausted and proud of myself. When I started it I had no idea where it would take me – I repeat I know nothing at the time. Exhausted because of endless hours of research, proud because I had managed to publish a decent post. What makes me happy are your comments, guys. They give additional value to my work! Personal experience is inestimable, Ivan. Thank you for sharing yours with me and my readers!

  8. There is an old gym saying that goes something like, “muscles aren’t made in the gym, they’re made in bed.”

    Working out actually tears down your muscles, it is the rest period in-between, including all-important sleep, that is so important. It is then that your muscles recover and rebuild, responding to the stimulus, and growing stronger and bigger, so you were absolutely right to start your piece focusing on sleep!

    I’ll be honest, I’ve soured on pre and post-workout recovery potions over the years because I’ve been disappointed so many times, but there very well may be something to this CBD oil. This is starting to look like the real deal to me, thanks!

    1. You know, I was expecting the comment of the person responsible for this article, Jon! I am glad I didn’t disappoint you! It was important for me to make it a decent fitness article, all this male stuff with pre and post workout and DOMS, and muscles were new to me. I know CBD oil well and I can say that I know how much pain is behind a six-pack. I’m proud I did it and the best part is the gorgeous foto LOL

  9. This is such a good find. I’ve just started a new workout regimen and since then I haven’t been sleeping the same. I don’t know if it’s the muscle pain, or my mattress but I noticed a significant difference. I’m going to try you advice on this and try the CBD oil. Lately i’ve been hearing more about it but was hesitant to try it, which lead me to your site. I think this may be what I need. Thanks so much for sharing this information.

    1. Welcome to my website, Jay! Don’t be hesitant! CBD oil can help you treat lots of issues regulating and maintaining homeostasis in your body. Thank you for your visit and comment!

  10. Sounds like the perfect ally for a battle!! It hits hard the main enemies of muscle building. I personally have a hard time during the post workout phase, cortisol’s effects are so devastating for me. It’s great to know cbd helps so much with cortisol, inflammation and sleeping. I love my REM phase, though, I wouldn’t like to decrease it. Another thing that happens to me during the post-workout phase is that my receding hairlines are more apparent and my hair thins, it seems like it has to do with a testosterone increase or something like that. Do you know if cbd can help with it? That was reason number one (followed by the cortisol’s side effects) that discouraged me from keeping building muscle. It would be great if you could write something about that. Every man wants to build muscle, as you spot well in your article, and I would like to keep both my hair and my muscles. Thanks
    P.S. I subscribed to your newsletter

    1. Neil, are you an oracle? I’ve scheduled to publish an article tomorrow that will answer this question and a lot more! Thanks for the visit, the comment, and your subscription !!

  11. Never thought I’d ever see a legitimate all-in-one supplement for the gym but CBD might just be it. Not just that, it’d be a far more cost-effective choice than barging into an online supplement store and spending thousands per year on products that may or may not be all-natural.

    CBD has made headlines regarding the health field and as more studies come into fruition, we will see them in the fitness field as well, especially when gym addicts (myself included) use these and find the results are way better than the overpriced supplements marketed to us all over the place.

    1. I have a habit that remained with me from the time I studied for my Master’s Degree. I avoid claiming anything if I don’t have scientific data to back me up. It’s a big burden having to study all these articles but if I don’t do it I feel there is something missing. But what I enjoy most is reading your comments, guys. Your personal experience is as precious as scientific research. It’s like theory and practice, right? Todd, give it a try! You aren’t gonna lose anything and this is what science says!

  12. Oh, wow. I almost didn’t read this article because I am not at all a “gym” person. I’m not a “yoga on the beach” person, either. I’m one of those quiet people who will happily wander around on woodland trails for hours whether or not it feels like exercise. I found some gems here, though.

    For one thing, I started using CBD oil about two weeks ago in hopes that it would reduce my chronic pain that is caused by osteoarthritis. My sleep improved immediately! I think I slept about 10 nights in a row–the longest sleep track ever and it was a good deep sleep.

    And then one evening I slipped into a coffee shop and ordered a decaf coffee that must not have been decaf. After a nearly sleepless night, I relied on coffee to get me through the next day which led to another rough night and the cycle began. I should have told you but I didn’t. You would have set me straight days ago. I tried to fix it myself and now I’m on day four running on caffeine during the day and tossing and turning at night.

    Now I know how to break the cycle! CBD instead of coffee to get me through the day so that CBD can do its magic to get me through the night.

    What would I do without you, Effie? Thank you again for your expertise on all things CBD!

    1. There will be a day when you do “yoga on the beach” together Theresa! It’s a promise I will keep (in this life on the next one :-)) I would certainly straight you up. CBD does wonders on arthritis issues and chronic pain and is famous for its relaxing properties. Perhaps you overdid it with coffee. Try to boost your energy with a CBD energizer!

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