CBD Vape Pen Reviews: UMO Remedies & Joy Organics Compared

Joy Organics White Vape Pen Held By A Woman

My mother insists I am an “order freak”.

Don’t think that my house is similar to a museum. It isn’t!

It’s as messy as an ordinary house of a typical hard working woman. (Perhaps a bit messier than you imagine- I live with three active cats that see to it!)

According to the people that know me well, I always organize thoughts and actions beforehand. My past as a teacher obliges me to put the pieces of knowledge I have to convey to others in a certain order. It’s a “teaching strategy” and I implement it even with blogging.

It’s been a long time since I thought I should do some CBD vape pen reviews.

Yet, the “order” switch in my brain was off and wouldn’t let me review any vaping product unless I have previously given you detailed information regarding vaping and the pros and cons linked to this specific method of cannabidiol administration.

Now that I have done my duty, I’m free to dig deeper into the subject; and evaluate two vaping products offered by two different CBD manufacturers: UMO Remedies and Joy Organics.

Not only their products, though.

You will get information about the qualities and possible defects or weaknesses of their vaping hardware AND about the reliability and transparency of the companies behind the products.

What should one look for in a CBD brand?

The CBD market is full of decent and junk products.

There are reputable brands and at the same time, the market is full of manufacturers who are taking advantage of the lack of regulations and are flooding the market with fake or low-quality CBD products.

A product advertised containing 500 mg CBD that actually contains just 20 mg or no CBD at all, will certainly harm your wallet and hurt your trust in the substance.

Worse than this, there are products that can put your health at risk.

Are you wondering how?  

Follow my “path of order” and you will become an expert in a flash!

When interested in buying a CBD product, a consumer has to seek specific information regarding:


You want to know where hemp is cultivated for a simple reason: The hemp plant is a hyperaccumulator. This means it absorbs everything found in the soil it is cultivated in.

Pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals or fungi existing in the ground will end up in the plant and consequently, in the final product. Do you want a CBD product full of toxins?

Production Method

The best way to extract the precious cannabinoid from the hemp plant is by using either pressurized carbon dioxide or food-grade ethanol.

Not all brands opt for the best extraction practices, though.

There are companies that implement inorganic solvents like hexane. These solvents make the extraction process faster and cheaper but they are harmful to human health.

Hexane is a cleaning agent and is present in gasoline! Are you sure you don’t want to know whether the CBD product you consume contains it?

THC and CBD levels

You pay for 500 mg CBD and 0.3%, less or no THC at all. And that’s what you should get. You pay for phytocannabinoids and terpenes, not synthetic cannabinoids. You need CBD oil, not hemp seed oil. You are looking for cannabidiol from the hemp plant, not the cannabis plant. You want to be sure that you get what you pay for, right?

Don’t panic.

It’s not your job to investigate every CBD company existing on the net. It’s every brand’s task to make all this information available to you by publishing their


on their website.

The presence of lab reports indicates whether a company is trustworthy or not. The contents of the statement will help you decide whether you should commit to this brand or choose that one.

A lab report reveals

  • The presence of synthetic cannabinoids and/or other harmful additives that may have possibly been used to dilute the batch.
  • The CBD and THC percentage. A lab report informs you of the concentration of the major -and minor- cannabinoids contained by the formula along with the final product’s potency.
  • Detailed information regarding the various terpenes your product contains.
  • All solvents that have been used to extract the cannabinoid.
  • Pesticide residues and heavy metals that are possibly found in the batch.

Lab reports are pivotal for the consumer, and crucial for the brand.

They inform the consumers whether the supplement they ingest is pure and efficient. They are, also, the “window” of the brand.

Windows are transparent and so should CBD brands be.

UMO Remedies: The company

I encountered UMO Remedies during my research for my “CBD brands to avoid” article, in March 2019.

The company sells CBD vaping cartridges on Amazon even though the platform has a very strict policy against cannabidiol and cannabis products!

Don’t you believe me?

Here is some proof:

7. Drug listings must not be for controlled substances or products containing controlled substances, such as:

a. Products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a Schedule I Controlled Substance, including but not limited to:

i.Rich Hemp Oil containing cannabidiol (CBD)

ii. Full spectrum hemp oil containing cannabidiol (CBD)

iii. Products that have been identified as containing CBD by LegitScript

Source: Amazon Seller Central: Drugs & drug paraphernalia

I was surprised by the fact that UMO Remedies manage to promote their CBD cartridges on Amazon.

Curiosity led me to their website .

First impression: negative. Last March their site was almost empty.

I revisited the website for the needs of this article. There are some positive changes but not enough.

In June 2019, I found 4 informative articles (all published in May); in one of them I read:

“Make sure you buy only from a credible source like UMO Remedies that ensure all-natural, pure and bioavailable CBD oil in a wide range of flavors.”

Cool! UMO Remedies characterize themselves as a credible CBD source.

Yet, credibility, reliability, and transparency in the CBD world are equivalent to a specific phrase

Lab Test Reports  Available To Customers

You can imagine what my next step was: I started looking for their lab test results.

In vain.

CBD Brands Should Be Transparent
CBD brands should be transparent

I’m sorry to inform you that there aren’t any. I searched the website for hours, I clicked every link. I read everything but there was no lab test report available on their site.

They claim that their products “go through stringent quality control”.

Anyone can claim anything. What potential customers should demand and should be provided with is proof.

There isn’t any.

UMO Remedies: The vape pen

The brand’s vape pen is an elegant white vaping device featuring the brand’s name and logo.

The description of the vaporizer is more than “spartan”. They use 27 words to inform their customers of the components and technical characteristics of their vaping device:

I quote them hereafter:

“Battery with USB charger for UMO Remedies Full Spectrum CBD Oil cartridges. No hassles, no fitment issues for your vaping pleasure.

1. 3.7v/350mAH

2. USB Charger included”

UMO Remedies

Any client would like to know whether the vape pen is button activated or draw-activated. And he would like to have concrete answers to questions like:

What are cartridges and tank made of? What is the tank’s capacity? What are the wick and coil made of?

Unfortunately, the answers can’t be found on the website.

Sorry, guys! To be able to decide whether to purchase a vape pen or not, one should be given detailed information about it.

The pen costs $20, a normal and absolutely acceptable price. Yet, its description implies that it is compatible ONLY with the brand’s cartridges. So, once you buy their vape pen you are stuck to the brand and their cartridges!

Is it good news?

Read on and you will know the answer

  • Price: UMO Remedies sell their 1000 mg cartridges for $55 -the time this review was written there was a discount and they cost $39.99.

Impressive! $39.99 for 1000 mg of CBD when the average price of similar products of renowned brands is around $80 to 90?

Are you wondering why I am dazzled?

Quality CBD products are costly products.

Expenses start to accumulate from the very first seed planted.

The quality of the hemp plant impacts the quality of the resulting products. Trustworthy brands either grow their own plants or buy them from certified local farmers who implement all farming regulations and possess relevant licenses.

Junk CBD products are usually made of cheap imported hemp. (China is a hemp cultivating superpower; the high levels of contamination of its soil is a common secret!)

Labor costs, farming equipment, cultivation regulations, and licenses are quite pricey.

Finally, appropriate extraction methods (CO2 and ethanol) and laboratory testing add to the expenses and thus raise the cost of the final product!

UMO Remedies claim they use the CO2 extraction method (the most expensive one), their hemp is organically grown in cGMP facilities in the US, it is organic and non-GMO.

Great! Where are the lab reports that can prove all of this?

  • Ingredients. The brand’s products’ descriptions vary and are carefully vague.

Only the FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL MANGO description gives us information about the solvent. It implies that coconut oil is used as a tempering agent and that the content of the cartridge can be safely applied locally!


I have no idea.

  • Clients Reviews. Not available.

UMO Remedies claim that their products are full spectrum. At the same time, the list of the ingredients at the back side of their cartridges talks about CBD distillate and essential oils.

Full spectrum cannabidiol derives from the hemp plant. CBD distillates are generally sourced from the marijuana plant and contain high amounts of THC. ( Shirl, your friends have noticed a more “upbeat” you. I wonder why …)

UMO Remedies state that the levels of THC are 0.23% and of CBD 55.7%.

Should you believe them? Not unless you are shown their lab test results.

I must admit that investigating UMO Remedies was a challenge for my “order freak” brain.

Their site is as nebulous as the brand itself and I am a fan of transparency and structure.

So is Joy Organics.

Joy Organics: The Company

I won’t repeat myself presenting you the brand as a whole. Their practices, history, sourcing, extraction methods, everything a potential customer needs to know about Joy Organics has been presented in detail in a special article.

You can find all the information you need in the review of the brand

A Woman Holding Joy Organics Vape Pen

Joy Organics: The vape pen

The words that best describe Joy Organics vape pen is fashionable simplicity. Its design is modern and clean; no logos or brand name featured.

Let’s take a look at its technical characteristics

  • Size

The pen’s length is about 10 cm (cartridge included). Without the chamber, it’s 7.6 cm long. The diameter is a bit longer than 1 cm, more or less the size of your index finger.

  • Components.

The device can be used with pre-filled ceramic cartridges. The tank is made of glass and its capacity is up to 5ml CBD e-liquid. The atomizer is brass-plated, wrapped in cellulose. To avoid any possibility of leakage, Joy decided to seal it with silicone. The wick is ceramic and the heating element is made of nichrome.

  • How it works

The pen is draw-activated; there are no buttons to switch it on or off, no temperature controls, nothing complicated.

Perfect for vaping beginners, it is activated by a puff and becomes automatically inactive after 10 seconds of constant inhaling when the device reaches its maximum temperature. The automatic switch-off mechanism certifies that the oil doesn’t burn and its taste isn’t altered.

This kind of firing mechanism ensures that your vape pen won’t be accidentally activated in your bag or pocket (and saves your battery and CBD oil).

Remember, though, that since there is no way to “secure” your vaporizer, there is the risk that a kid will find it and draw a hit. Make sure it is kept out of children’s reach.

  • Operation

The vape pen operates at a resistance level of 0.9 to 3.0 ohms and a power output of a maximum of 9.5 watts.

It includes a 340 mAh, USB rechargeable battery.

A LED light switches on during the charging process which lasts approximately an hour. It flashes to inform you that your pen is fully charged and then it switches off.

The battery lasts up to 3 days with moderate use. Intense and continuous vaping will make it at last at least one day.

  • Temperature

During the 10 seconds of every activation, the vaporizer’s temperature remains below 392°F (200°C). It slightly exceeds 200°C during the 8th and 10th second.

Joy Organics Vape Pen Temperature
Technical Data Sheet
CCell Atomizer Temperature
  • Compatibility

Joy Organics Vape Pen isn’t suitable for vaping waxes, concentrates, or dry herbs. It fits standard 510 thread cartridges.

I applaud the brand’s decision to make their vaping device compatible with most of the CBD cartridges found in the market. You can swap from vaping CBD to vaping nicotine or non-nicotine e-liquids by simply changing cartridges.

It seems that Joy Organics isn’t trying to make you stick to their products. They know that you will do it anyway!

  • Flavor.

The brand’s goal was to use as little flavoring as possible.

Their CBD vape oil has a mild citrus flavor but no aftertaste. No odor will remain on your breath or the air after exhaling.

The formula is highly concentrated. It contains nano-emulsified, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract CBD oil, MCT oil as tempering agent and terpenes from fruits and plants.

  • Price

The vaporizer isn’t marketed by itself. With $99.95 you purchase a package which contains the vape pen and a CBD pre-filled cartridge.

The cartridges alone are sold for $ 79.95; a bit pricey if you consider that they contain 450 mg of cannabidiol. The high cost can be justified by the rigorous and demanding procedures and quality testing the brand implements on their products.

Don’t forget that the vape pen is compatible with most standard 510 thread cartridges. The choice is yours.

According to my complicated math calculations (please don’t correct me! Let me dream I am a math genius…) the vaporizer costs $ 20, a reasonable and affordable price for such an exceptional device.   

  • Clients reviews

The vaporizer was given 5-star reviews by its users.

UMO Remedies Vape Per Pros and Cons

I won’t give you any pros and cons of UMO Remedies and their vape pen.

I haven’t got enough information to evaluate either the brand or the product. I will underline the absence of lab test reports which is the MOST IMPORTANT con and let you decide.

Joy Organics Vape Pen Pros and Cons


  • Great design and usability
  • Rechargeable
  • High absorption rates and instant effects thanks to the nano-emulsion technology
  • 0% TCH, organic, gluten-free
  • Detailed lab test reports available online
  • Pleasant flavor
  • Compatible with most standard 510 thread cartridges


  • Only one flavor
  • The price is higher than the average
  • Nichrome heating element.

Why vape?

Vaping is a popular way of consuming CBD.

When you inhale it, cannabidiol passes through your lungs and enters your bloodstream “in no time”. This means decreased breakdown speed and higher bioavailability (some sources report it up to 56%). This means that cannabidiol is absorbed and delivers its results instantly.

High bioavailability impacts not only on the effectiveness of the cannabinoid. It is the reason why vaping is considered more cost-effective when compared to low-bioavailable administration methods.

Vaping is the method of CBD administration that chronic pain and anxiety disorders sufferers prefer. Both health issues are characterized by sudden flare-ups and fast relief is crucial.

CBD vape oil contains fewer ingredients than other ingestible products and servings are easy to regulate.


Why Joy Organics?

In my humble opinion, Joy Organics is the definition of absolute transparency.

It’s a brand characterized by ethics and dedication to one simple mission: to help people by offering them high-quality CBD products and great customer service.

Their vape pen cartridges contain pharmaceutical grade, broad-spectrum, organic CBD, 0% THC and terpenes.

How do I know that?  

In contrast with UMO Remedies, they provide their customers with the lab test reports I am so fond of.

Reading them might sound difficult; trust me, it’s not molecular biology! It’s a piece of cake! (chocolate cake for some of you)

You can take a look at Joy Organics Reports. If you have any questions, do ask them in the comments section below.

Joy Organics Certificate of Quality Assurance and Third-Party Lab Results

Summing it up

UMO Remedies vape pen may be an excellent vaporizer. So may their CBD oil be.

Yet, the company gives vague information -if any- about their products and, above all, it doesn’t provide any certificates of quality.

Any potential client of the company will remain with his questions unanswered and lots of doubts regarding the worth and quality of the vape pen and the cartridges.

When your health and well being are at stake, you should be certain and not confused, shouldn’t you?

Joy Organics vape pen is an excellent one. The brand offers all the detailed information a customer needs before the purchase.  

The quality of their products is certified by lab test reports published on their website.

I chose to compare these two brands to help you understand which are the optimal practices implemented by CBD brands and which are not.

Before committing to any CBD provider you should always ask them a simple thing:


Final thoughts

The world of CBD is unregulated.

It’s the consumers’ duty to commit to companies that are reliable and trustworthy, respect their clients, provide them with high-quality products and proof of their claims.

It’s the consumers’ responsibility to protect themselves from frauds and junk products.

Buyers have the power to set the rules in the CBD market and “regulate” it by demanding honesty and transparency. They have the power to reject unreliable and deceitful brands.

Remember that an informed customer is a satisfied customer; and in our case, a healthy customer.

(This was for you, Shirl! I hope you read it! Your comment was a source of inspiration for me)

Visit Joy Organics website and choose the product that best suits you

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Avid Hemp offers vaping solutions to their consumers too! Check them out!

Avid Hemp

CBD Pain

If vaping isn’t the administration method you prefer, you can always opt for the products made to be ingested by my favorite brands.  

Verified CBD

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If you have any questions or want to share any personal experience regarding vaping CBD,  please, leave a comment below.

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not meant to cure any disease or disorder. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.


  1. So many time I often wonder why give so much hype to your business when the truth about it can easily be dug out, and sometimes some red flags are glaring at us. I have been using soem CBD products for a while now and I must admit its been really effective. But looking at these not up to quality stuffs is really disheartening. Thanks for bringing it to the open for all.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Chloe! 

      Every business selling whatever product aims at earning. There are CBD brands that care about their customers and others that care only about profits. Consumers should be informed and cautious and learn to “read behind words”. After all, it’s our health we are talking about. I hope I 

      And yes! I definitely agree with you! CBD products do their job and are amazingly effective. 

      Thanks for your visit! 

  2. In my part of the world, the use of CBD products are still not been legalised. So, I think, UMO Remedies or Joy Organics might not be in sale here yet. But generally, we have an organisation responsible for regulating and monitoring health related products. Regardless of that though, many fake and low-quality products still flood the market, falsifying the true information of the contents of their products.

    I found this review very useful. Thanks.

    1. Ok, CBD isn’t legal in your part of the world and it’s really sad. This means you are trapped as customers of big pharma’s products and their side effects. I really hope it gets legal soon and your people find out its magnificent properties. 

      Anyways, being informed is never a waste of time, is it? Thanks for your visit! 

  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful information. It’s true, there has been a great growth in the  CBD market and I personally have been a victim of buying some sub-standard products. I realize it looking at these reviews you have done on these products. There are so many people who may have fallen victim of companies like UMO remedies. I’ll urge everyone to make proper findings of these products before getting them. Best regards.

    1. Hi Dane! 

      I appreciate you sharing your personal negative experience with sub-standard products with us. To err is human and the most important thing is to learn by one’s mistakes. I hope my articles help people get answers to their questions and to learn what they should look for before committing to a brand. Transparency is the keyword when it comes to CBD products and my readers know that! 

      Thank you so much! 

  4. Yea, it’s true that quality CBD products are always expensive and when stuff like that comes too handy or too cheap, it should be reviewed thoroughly for odds. Anyways, I really love vaping its’ really nice and as you’ve said it’s the best way to consume CBD. Please do you have a direct link where I can get one of Joy organics vape pen? If yes please drop it. Thanks for sharing this informative article, it really sensitizing. 

    1. Hello, Jones! Vaping is the quickest way to consume CBD and start benefiting from it. There isn’t a best or worst way. Every method is appropriate depending on the condition you are using CBD for. 

      IMHO, vaping is perfect for smokers who want to quit smoking and get relief from their health issues. 

      Of course, I have a direct link for the Joy organics vape pen! I would appreciate your personal experience after using it. Please, feel free to share it with us! Be well! 

  5. I fully agree that there are lots of products that can put our health at risk in the market and a lot of people do not care about this fact. Most people are more concerned about seeing the product physically. This is why I really appreciate this research done on CBD products. It’s true that the are brands that aren’t transparent with their products and it’s on this note that I really agree with the CBD Vape pen. Its really nice and worth one’s money

    1. Willy, I should disagree with you. People do care about their health and they want the best product to treat their issues.

      The problem is that they trust and believe whatever the brands claim and don’t dig up well enough to find the truth. Perhaps, because they aren’t well informed. This is where I feel I should interfere and reveal the facts  and provide them with the information they need to choose the real “best” 

      Thank you so much for your comment! Be well! 

  6. This is a very helpful and informative post, personally I take my health seriously which is mainly due to the fact that I do have some health problems, I don’t smoke or vape, however I do have lots of friends that do vape and I already been trying to warn them of the health risks, so thank you for posting this information here because I will be passing this onto my friends to let them see for themselves, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

    1. Russ, it’s so nice of you trying to sensitize your friends of the possible health risks a non-appropriate vape pen and cartridge! After all, what are friends for? 

      I am sorry to hear about your health problems. I really hope CBD can be of some help to you. It has helped me a lot and many friends of mine have found relief too. 

      Thank you so much for your contribution to the discussion! Take care! 

  7. Wow, this was an interesting article you wrote here, I was very interested about the topic on this CBD Vape Pen Review. And it also seems that this Vape Pen can be very good and useful. I also like how you gave out like every detail about it. I will share this with my friends and family so that they can check it out. Thanks again

    1. Barbara, I am flattered by your kind words! (Look at me, I am blushing 🙂 )

      Anyway, having found a way out of my PTSD and severe anxiety issues, I am trying to spread the news that CBD can be an alternative and effective way to treat health issues without the side effects of synthetic medicines. It’s time we started trusting mother nature again. I hope misconceptions regarding this magnificent cannabinoid  will vanish and its amazing properties will be known to the world

      Thank you so much! 

    1. Hey, Mike! What a wonderful surprise! I’ve been studying UMO for months and I can assure you there was no COA on their site. I am glad my article helped the brand realize that transparency in the CBD business is important. I appreciate the fact they decided to issue and to publish a certificate of analysis. Thanks for the visit!

  8. Hi Effie,
    Your knowledge and the hours you put into researching whatever topic you write about is so precious to your readers. I would have taken UMO Remedies’ ‘credible CBD source’ at face value, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to check for their lab reports, had I not been following your blog posts. You have taught us before, to look for lab reports that are available to consumers, in one or more of your earlier posts. And now I have learnt to apply this to most stuff that involve health, to at least probe around and check things out myself, and not simply trust what the company says.

    This article is such an eye-opener. Give me Joy Organics’ vape pen anytime (once my country can accept the use of CBD for medicinal purposes).

    1. You are an excellent “student”, my friend. Thanks to your encouraging comments the time spent on research seems so short to me! I know you will appreciate and gain knowledge from my efforts so I gladly do it and will continue doing it. I am so happy you started to apply the rule of “regulation” to all health products. If we don’t protect ourselves and our beloved ones, nobody else will!
      And yes! I am a big fan of Joy Organics’ vape pen too!

  9. I know CBD is a huge success in the market but I never heard of CBD vaping pen. But as expected since CBD is popular so is the partner vaping pen. 

    I admit that I have some impulse buying without even checking and searching about the product so If ever I have come across the UMO CBD without reading your article then maybe I might have bought the product. CBD industry is getting bigger and famous but it’s  sad that it is not being regulated. Low quality CBDs are even marketed on giant retailer platform without being banned or questioned regarding their product claims.

    This would be a lesson for me and I hope to other readers to do in depth research when buying products.

    1. Hi Gillian! I am glad my article gave you the opportunity to know that CBD can be vaped!

      Most consumers trust the companies and all their claims. They assume that the brands are trustworthy and their claims are true. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. 

      As far as the giant retailer platform you are talking about is concerned, I should inform you that they don’t permit CBD products to be marketed on their website. We can not discuss the quality of a CBD product that DOES NOT contain CBD. This is the reason why I am dubious about the UMO remedies cartridges and their content. 

  10. Your description of these two products are quite revealing. Many times a manufacturer will state facts that are not true to expand their sales. Having a good side by side comparison will tell you what product will be the better purchase. The Joy Organics products may cost more, in the end you will have a better experience with the CBD vaping.
    You can get around the fact that there is only one flavor by using other cartridges. Are you going to do an article on the cartridges that will fit the Joy Organics pen with different flavors.

    1. Hi John! Since Joy Organics’ vape pen is compatible with most standard 510 thread cartridges there is no use doing an article on the cartridges. Reviewing the brands behind the cartridges will be useful to consumers. As you said manufacturers will state facts that are not true to expand their sales. Consumers should be informed of the value or not of certain statements and products.

  11. Vaping is so popular now, and there should be more regulation and thought behind it, health comes first. My friend vapes all the time but he bought the first vape pen he could find. Think I’ll recommend the Joy Organics vape pen to him, at least you know the facts with that one by the lab reports. Mindfulness needs to be guaranteed when buying these kind of products. Really informative post, thanks!

    1. You are so right Scott! Health comes first and above all. I am glad my article gave you knowledge that you can use to inform your friend! Knowledge should be shared, right?

  12. The first element I always search for when looking for a product, any product, is a third-party lab test. If they don’t have any, I won’t buy, or if they claim to have one and I can’t find it, I won’t buy. It’s not worth risking my health or money. This is very similar to the supplement industry, where so many products are low-quality.

    Fortunately, in both CBD and the supplement industry, high-quality does exist and it will win the day. As I’ve said in the past, the best way to regulate industry is to have the buyers, those demanding the products, do so, which is Rothbardian in nature, if we’re speaking in economical terms.

    For instance, when I was using supplements regularly (before switching to whole food full time) I noticed some brands like Optimum remaining even-keel with their products; none of their main line every switched ingredients or even changed labels. Others, like BSN and MuscleTech, always seemed to get themselves in deep water and changed everything in a product year after year, only to claim third-party results, many of which were false.

    The good news in the CBD industry is that when people do their research and are informed, they’re going to eventually make the right purchase, which will either force dishonest companies to increase their quality or it will eventually weed them out.

    1. Exactly my point! I don’t feel consumers are unable to protect themselves. Knowledge is power. An informed consumer is unlikely to be fooled or scammed. The CBD market is not regulated and it’s the consumers’ duty to regulate both themselves and the manufacturers-vendors.

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