Hemp Body Care-Elixinol’s Sativa Hemp Deodorant

Woman Using Sativa Hemp DEodorant

I am sure you are wondering how come I decided to write an article about hemp body care and particularly about deodorants at this time of the year. 

I know those hot summer days and nights are almost over (even though for some of us the date in the calendar says August 62nd, 2019 🙂 ) and excessive sweating won’t be an issue anymore. Bad timing, I know.


Theresa did her miracle again! 

She sent me an email praising a specific deodorant which actually changed her life. 

“Interesting”, I thought. “This is something I must definitely share with my readers”. 

Unfortunately, I can’t write an article about a product I haven’t tested. It’s against my character and ethics.

So, as soon as I eventually, laid hands on Elixinol’s Hemp Deodorant, I designed a variety of sophisticated, arduous and even ruthless “crash-tests” to examine its efficiency.

In August. 

On the Greek islands. 

At beach parties and local festivals. 

While dancing those exhausting Greek dances till the crack of dawn!

After more than a month of countless and relentless trials, I can proudly announce the results!

Elixinol’s Sativa Hemp Deodorant has passed all my tests with excellent marks.

“So what?” you may think. “Almost all deodorants are efficient; they do their job and keep us clean and fresh. What is so special about this particular deodorizer?” 

Well, what makes this body care product stand out can be summarized in two phrases: “what it contains” and “what it doesn’t contain”.

Do you want to know what I have discovered? Allow me to give you all the necessary information you need to treat your armpits with the attention and respect they deserve. 

Sativa Hemp Deodorant
Elixinols Sativa Hemp Deodorant

What does Elixinol’s Hemp Deodorant contain? 

I must confess that it’s been years since I stopped buying any skincare product without carefully studying its INCI (aka International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) and scrupulously researching its ingredients. To make my life even more complicated but much healthier 🙂 , I always consult a special database that describes each component’s possible effects on my skin’s health. 

I am (and I urge you to be) aware that our skin is not only the “window” of our beauty and wellness; it’s also the biggest organ of our body. It absorbs every beneficial or nasty product we use and forwards its constituents to our bloodstream. I think it’s our duty to take care of it with the best products in the market, and by the term “best” I mean the healthiest and most natural possible. 

I had studied the ingredients of Elixinol’s deodorant before I decided to purchase it. I knew they were not only acceptable but ideal for my obsession with natural and organic compounds in cosmetics.

I have never come across a beauty or skincare product that lists anything different than water or aqua for my European readers and petrolatum (yeah, you guessed right: petroleum) on top of its INCI (If you don’t believe me, check the INCI of every beauty product you own NOW). 

Why is this important? For a simple but crucial reason: the ingredients are listed in order of predominance with the ingredients used in the greatest amount first, followed in descending order by those in smaller amounts.

I was excited to see that the most predominant ingredient in my deodorant was  

Aloe Vera 

Who doesn’t know this magnificent plant and its traits? “The plant of immortality”, according to the ancient Egyptians, is world-famous for 

  • Its moisturizing properties, and
  • Its anti-acne action 


  • It protects against sunburns 
  • It fights aging, and 
  • It has natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Ok, your armpits don’t need any anti-wrinkle treatment. Why, the heck, Aloe Vera in a deodorant? 

The cosmetics industry uses water as a solvent and emulsifier in the creation of cream, lotions, deodorants and all the rest of our beauty and skincare weapons. Unfortunately, the presence of water in the formula promotes microbial and bacterial growth and limits the durability of the product. For this reason, the use of preservatives is essential. 

By using Aloe Vera as a solvent, Elixinol managed to avoid having to add preservatives to the deodorant and make it as natural as possible while exploiting Aloe Vera’s antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics.


Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is a powerful natural deodorizer. It neutralizes acidic or alkaline properties in your body and thus, it manages to absorb odors. It is used in underarm deodorants because it is effective in freeing your body from harmful substances providing you with long-term odor protection.

Yeah, and what about those angry rashes that have given baking soda a bad name?

The usual reaction to irritated, painful and itchy underarms is to blame one of the ingredients (been there, done that) and baking soda is the most usual component to be accused.

What I have learned after my long search for the perfect deodorant and years of experimenting with all kinds of commercial and DIY deodorizers is that the real enemy and cause of those raging rashes is your very own sweat!

An ordinary deodorant (in contrast with an antiperspirant) doesn’t prevent your body from functioning as it should. So you sweat. Your armpits get humid and sticky. As you move your arms, the folds of your skin rub against themselves, which leads to friction and consequently to irritation. A rash called Intertrigo is formed and you find yourself dealing with itchy and displeased underarms.

Unless you suffer from impaired skin function, there will be no risk of rashes with Elixinol’s Sativa Hemp deodorant. It is so meticulously formulated that rashes and the fear of them will be ancient history. (How am I sure about it? Read on and you will find out!)

Non-GMO Xanthan Gum  

Even though Xanthan Gum is considered to have some conditioning and hydrating benefits for the skin, its presence in the product is indispensable in terms of product formulation.

This polysaccharide increases the viscosity of liquids giving the product an optimal texture and allowing it to be applied smoothly and evenly. 

Xanthan gum is used as a binder, a thickening agent, an emulsifying surfactant, and an emulsion stabilizer in cosmetic formulations.

Since it’s utilized by the food and cosmetics industry, one thing is certain: it should be Non-GMO. And it is! 

Hemp Seed Oil 

Cool! We have fought the odor and added the ingredient that will stabilize, emulsify, and bind the components of the deodorant.

Let’s move on to the heavy artillery of the beneficial ingredients for the skin. 

As a front line trooper, Hemp Seed Oil stands on guard. 

I won’t tire you by repeating all the skin benefits this magnificent oil offers to your skin. I have dedicated two articles to the subject and I invite you to study them and learn why hemp oil cosmetics rock

Copaiba Oil 

Why Copaiba Oil I wondered when I saw the list of ingredients.

I knew all about its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities. I was aware it is a potent aphrodisiac and it has the ability to increase wound healing. But why was it chosen as an ingredient of a deodorant? 

Then I got it! 

Copaiba oil is known for its antimicrobial properties. A 2016 study has revealed the antimicrobial action of the oil and oleoresin against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause skin and wound infections. The scientists announced that even reduced concentrations of copaiba oil-resin were able to inhibit bacterial growth. 

Woman Using Sativa Deodorant
Source: Elixinol

Copaiba oil can be used safely on your skin and can help heal and soothe irritation and treat chronic skin disease. (I promised you rashes will be ancient history, remember?) 

There is more! 

This not-so-known oil has a property that will surprise you.

It has been found to contain large amounts of a molecule that interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin. Beta-caryophyllene is what causes your skin cells to produce beta-endorphin, a hormone that belongs to the family of the happiness hormones. Copaiba oil can make your skin happy! 

(Ok, I know happy armpits is not a vital priority of yours. But isn’t every bit of happiness we can get essential to a joyful and more relaxed life?) 

Essential Oils

Elixinol’s deodorant contains two different combinations of certified organic essential oils depending on the fragrance of your choice.

The Bliss scent is formulated with Vanilla, Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Patchouli essential oils. 

The Spirit scent contains Frankincense, Vanilla CO2, Bergamot, Lime, Cinnamon Leaf, and Clove essential oils. 

Both scents are unisex. (Don’t hesitate guys! You can steal it from your gals!)  

Being effective with our odor-protection requirements isn’t the only characteristic we demand from our deodorant. We want it to smell good and make us feel fresh and clean. Trust me, it will. Both the Bliss and Spirit scents are simply divine! 

Finger Lime Cellular Extract 

Who of you, girls, haven’t ever heard the term AHAs (or Alpha Hydroxy Acids)? I bet most of Venus residents have had a treatment with those acids at least once in their lifetime.

I am thrilled to inform you that there is a new powerful AHA on the block!

Finger Lime Cellular Extract is extracted from the pulp of the finger lime plant that thrives in the subtropical forests of Australia. Lime Caviar manages to dissolve the bonds that attach dead skin cells together stopping them from building up on the surface of your skin. In simple words, it hinders keratinization and hence reduces uneven, dull and grey complexion tone. Final result: no more dark armpits! 

I bet your armpits would only dream of such a treatment! 

Now that we have studied the contents of Elixinol’s deodorant, let me analyze the second and perhaps most important part of the initial summary:

What doesn’t Elixinol’s Hemp deodorant contain? 


How could it? It’s a deodorant for goodness’ sake! 

What differentiates a deodorant from an antiperspirant is the fact that the first curbs the odor of your sweat while the latter restrains perspiration.

Antiperspirants (and not deodorants) contain aluminum chlorohydrate which has been associated with two major health issues: Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. 

The scientific community hasn’t concluded whether the concerns about the dangerous effects of aluminum are valid or not. There are conflicting claims from both sides. There are studies that contradict one another. 

I am not in a position to defend either side. In my humble opinion, this magnificent machine (and every function of it, disgusting or not) called the human body should be allowed to operate properly.

I am a deodorant fan. I have excluded aluminum from my body care regime. I let my body sweat and get rid of toxins. I don’t worry about the possible harmful effects of aluminum on my health.

What about you? 


Parabens are preservatives used to extend the shelf life of products that contain water because they have the unique ability to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and mold favored by the presence of water in the product.

They are everywhere. 

Almost 85% of personal care, hair, and beauty products, food and medicines contain parabens. Think of a product and you will find parabens in its INCI under names like propyl-, isopropyl-, methyl-, ethyl-, butyl-, isobutyl-, and so on. 

What’s controversial about parabens is the similarity of their chemical structure to estrogens. For this reason, they are linked to breast cancer and dysfunctions of the reproductive system.   

The concern about parabens was slightly calmed down by FDA scientists who announced that there is no proof that parabens used in personal care products cause breast cancer.

A 2016 study from the University of Berkeley came to refute the above claims and to ring the bell of danger. Again! The researchers suggest parabens-even in small amounts-might be more hazardous than they were considered in the past.


You shouldn’t be unless your deodorant contains parabens. If it does, throw it in the bin ASAP and change it with a natural and paraben-free one! 


Even though it’s a pesticide (!!!), triclosan is broadly used in deodorants because of its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

It is an endocrine disruptor and has been found to modify hormone regulation. 

If it’s combined with water it forms a carcinogenic gas commonly known as chloroform. As if this wasn’t enough, it is suspected to be a carcinogen itself. 

The safety of this chemical is currently being reviewed by both the FDA and the EPA. 

Propylene Glycol 

Deriving from petroleum, Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient of self-care products because of its low cost. (Bow down before the God of Profit!)

Harmful Deodorants In A Bin
Get rid of your harmful deodorants

It acts as a penetration enhancer. 

Even though it is labeled as “non-harmful”, there are concerns about its potential toxicity. It is associated with health issues like cancer, reproductive and endocrine complications, and developmental abnormalities. 

Being a skin sensitizer, Propylene Glycol is considered responsible for allergic reactions of the skin. 

The one and only deodorant containing Propylene Glycol I have ever used introduced me to the world of monkeys! My armpits became so itchy, furious and irritated that I felt the embarrassing impulse to scratch them even in public. Now the guilty deodorant is flirting the garbage bin and my underarms are content again.  


Have you ever heard of the term “phthalate”?  I bet you haven’t. Phthalates are a probable human carcinogen hidden under the word “fragrance” in your skincare products. 

They act as endocrine disruptors. As soon as they enter your system they can mimic, interfere with or block your estrogens creating significant conflicts with your hormonal function.

They are linked to serious health issues such as infertility, decreased sperm count (OMG!) and breast, prostate, and ovarian cancer. They are considered responsible for liver, kidney and lung damages, endometriosis, asthma, and allergies. 

You can’t be sure whether the fragrance (synthetic or so-called-natural) of your deodorant contains phthalates. The FDA does not oblige companies to reveal the specific components of the fragrance used to formulate their products. Alas! 

Theresa’s quest for the perfect deodorant: A true story 

Fragrances can cause a series of allergic reactions and even toxicity.

They are the culprit of a severe allergy issue a very dear friend of mine suffers from.

Theresa is a blogger, a mother, a nature lover, osteoarthritis and allergy sufferer, the source of inspiration for numerous articles of mine and my driving force and motivation for blogging.

Theresa’s feedback was the reason I decided to write this article. I had tested the deodorant myself but I would never have imagined that any non-effective and potentially dangerous deodorizer could devastate a person’s social life or trigger their allergies. Yet, it happens and it has happened to a woman I care so much about. 

Her email made me wonder how many Theresas (and Bills or Franks or Brians or… I don’t forget you guys!) are out there looking for a safe and natural deodorant that actually does what it is expected to do. So, I decided to share my findings and her story with you, hoping that the information may help you avoid mistakes and make the right choices. 

Here is what Theresa wrote to me: 

Hi, Effie!

I am writing to share some good news with you! I finally found a deodorant that works without making me sick!

As you know, I have been sensitive to fragrances for many years but my issue has become much more severe with the increasing popularity of automatic air fresheners and mainstream scented laundry products. Recently, fragrances have begun to attack more than just my sinuses. Some products give me acute brain fog and others make me so lethargic that I spend hours, or even days, in bed.  

Deodorant, because it is applied directly to my skin, had become a relentless battle with an enemy that I could not run from and the search for a safe and effective product was daunting! 

I started my search by looking for unscented products but quickly learned that “unscented” means that the scent exists even though it is covered by chemicals. As a result, they still made me sick. Later, I learned that a “natural fragrance” can contain a combination of over 100 chemicals, many of which are dangerous and unregulated! Next, I focused on fragrance-free products but they do nothing to suppress body odor. 

Everything I tried had the same end result: I stunk and suffered from itchy or painful rashes. My clothes reeked so badly that a few items had to be promoted to the rag bag; even scrubbing them by hand couldn’t remove the stench. I had begun to carry a washcloth and deodorant so that I could freshen up whenever I left the house, which I must admit was happening less and less. I had begun to avoid social situations because I was afraid that I might drive people away with my putrid body odor.

Just when I thought I would have to give up ever going out in public again, I found a product that contained all of the quality I was looking for at a reasonable price. I’ll admit that the search for deodorant by trial and error was becoming very costly and I struggled with the idea of purchasing yet another product that might not live up to my expectations. Nevertheless, I have been so happy with Elixinol’s CBD products and service that I finally decided to try their Sativa Hemp deodorant. This would be my final attempt before giving up and becoming a hermit forever!

Sativa Hemp Deodorant

After so many failed attempts at finding a product that lived up to its claims, I didn’t really expect this one to work. Tentatively, I applied a few dabs of deodorant over the unscented salt stick I had been using for its antibacterial properties. It didn’t make me sick, so the next time I applied it more generously and took a big whiff–still no allergy symptoms! Over the next few days, I built up trust in the product and now I use it exclusively.

It’s amazing!!! 

I finally found an effective product that doesn’t trigger my allergies! Sativa deodorant is powerful, yet gentle and contains safe, high-quality ingredients at an affordable price that includes free shipping. Who can resist that?

I am so happy that the search is finally over and I can ask you with confidence: Do you want to meet up for a walk and then grab some coffee? 

Until then, I remain your most jubilant reader,


I couldn’t help not sharing Theresa’s story and pursuit of a safe, natural and effective deodorant with you. After all, is there anything more valuable than a user’s personal experience and evaluation of a product? 

 Wrapping it up

  • The SATIVA Spirit and Bliss Hemp Deodorants by Elixinol are a safe, gentle and non-toxic way to feel fresh and clean all day. They are suitable for the most delicate skin.
  • They are 100% Natural and Vegan.  
  • They are cruelty-free—not tested on animals. 
  • They are Australian Certified Organic. Strict and expert Australian auditors scrutinize every aspect of their formulation and production procedures to ensure and safeguard their organic integrity. 
  • They are carbon neutral. This means that: 

the carbon emissions caused [by their production procedures] have been balanced out by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world. These savings are generated through helping to fund renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects, many of which bring additional social and community benefits in developing countries as well as reducing greenhouse gases” 

  • The company demonstrates its respect to the planet’s valuable resources by using sustainably sourced ingredients in all of its products. 
  • The whole SATIVA body care line is proud to be backed by world-class production ethics.

Elixinol’s SATIVA Hemp Deodorants are not only safe, natural and effective but they prove that it is feasible for the ingredients and production procedures of a cosmetic product to show respect to both the user and the environment.

So, what are you waiting for?

Shake Elixinol’s Sativa Hemp Deodorant well before use, apply to clean, dry skin and enjoy the freshness and light scent of Bliss or Spirit. Make it a part of your everyday body care routine and get rid of those smelly armpits once and for all!

Note 1. Unfortunately, the Sativa line isn’t included in Elixinol’s European site. My European readers have to order the deodorant from the company’s American site or start bombarding Elixinol with emails demanding them to bring it to Europe, like, yesterday! 

Note 2.  If you are interested in using the INCI database I mentioned, you can thank Theresa for asking me to share it with all of you. 

Since my Italian is more fluent than my English, I always seek information in the https://www.biodizionario.it/ database to check the possible harmfulness of a cosmetic ingredient. 

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Italian. You type the name of the component in the appropriate space (minimum 3 characters) 

The results are expressed by a kind of “traffic light symbolization”. 

Take a look:

How should you translate the symbols? 

Double green light rating: Beneficial/Definitely Harmless

Single green light rating: Harmless

Double yellow light rating: Further Research Needed

Single red light rating: Harmful

Double red light rating: Unacceptable

In this particular database, in addition to ingredients that are particularly harmful to health and the environment, every ingredient derived from animals (therefore not vegan) has a double red light rating as it is ethically not acceptable.

P.S. Theresa, you are my inspiration! The word “thanks” is no longer enough!

If you have any questions or want to share any personal experience regarding deodorants don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not meant to cure any disease or disorder. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.


  1. Effie, how could I not want to try this?
    You have given such great information and testimonials.
    Heck, I don’t wear deodorant, but you have me here. I do live in Florida and I do sweat LOL. I just had not found one that works for me and does not take over my body with the scent.
    So this definitely worth trying. Thank you for, as always, such great information!

    1. Oh well, sweat odor is an issue here too! Especially during the hot summer days.
      Unlike Theresa who sweats a lot, I don’t. I experimented with the duration of the deodorant on myself and used it on Monday after my shower. I haven’t had another shower for three days (this means that I stayed at home and cleaned up my house). I noticed that even though I sweated a lot, I had no odor issues. I use the Spirit scent and I can assure you it doesn’t take over my body. I highly recommend that you give it a try! Cheers, my friend!

  2. I am a deodorant user and I must say I have not been paying attention to the ingredients of the products I use. I apply a variety of deodorants and I am not tied to a particular brand. As soon as one is done, I switch to a different type, with a different scent.
    I have never seen or used the Hemp Body Care-Elixinol Sativa Hemp deodorant but I am glad I have read its review from your post. One thing I like about your reviews is their depth and quality. I have learned that there is a way to check a deodorant to find its ingredients and their potential benefits or hazards to my health using the “traffic light symbolization”.
    Thank you for enlightening me and keeping me away from substandard products.

    1. Who isn’t a deodorant user? We all want to feel fresh and smell good around people. (oh, well I have had some stinky experiences in public transportation, I choose not to erase from my brain).
      Thank you for appreciating my reviews. I try to cover the subject as more extensively as possible.
      By the way, the database can be used for all beauty and skincare products. Feel free to use it, both you and your wife, to evaluate the products you intend to use on your skin before purchasing them. I always take a photo of the ingredients list (INCI) and research them using the “traffic light symbolization” of the database. I hope it becomes a habit of yours too! Be well, my friend!

  3. Interesting article, to say the very least. I never really gave something like deodorants a thought; I tend to use antiperspirant, but I’m not necessarily a heavy sweater so switching to a deodorant is the right choice. I reviewed my current antiperspirant at the site you listed and saw a mixture of red and green, in both single and double lights, so I’d like to switch to all-green. I doubt anything on the store shelves offers all green, so I’ll likely hunt online.

    1. So glad to see your comment, Todd! Long-time, no see!
      I think your decision to switch to deodorants is more than wise. Antiperspirants are thought to be responsible for breast cancer. I know you are saying to yourself “so what! I am a man”. I must inform you that 1% of all breast cancer in the U.S. occur in men. It may seem like a small number, but that’s still more than 2,000 new cases each year. Moreover, About 400 men are expected to die from breast cancer each year in the US.
      I am happy you used the database I listed and saw how dangerous be the ingredients of our body and beauty care products can be. Keep doing it. Knowledge is power to protect our health, don’t you think?
      Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Effie,
    As usual, I have learnt SO MUCH just by reading your article. I became aware of the harmful stuff in almost all our personal care products (parabens, triclosan, etc.) when I was searching to switch to all-natural products, for the sake of my two kids with severe eczema. But I never knew aluminum is found in anti-perspirants! But then again, you’ve mentioned a fantastic point that we should let the body do its job. Sweating has its purposes in our lives, we should not try to go against nature by stopping it from happening. But just coping with the odor in the most natural ways, that’s the way to go!

    1. I am so happy to find your comment! It’s been so long since we exchanged opinions! Welcome back, Joo!
      Yeap, aluminum is the predominant ingredient in all antiperspirants. It’s pretty scaring, don’t you think?
      I am an all-green fan and I really strive to find body and beauty care products. I am happy I discovered the Sativa line and I am going to review all its products. SO, stay tuned and be amazed! Thank you so much!

  5. I am so glad I found your site! It is refreshing to come across another person who is so passionate about natural products! 

    I know it’s ‘just deodorant’ as my daughter would put it, but you’re so right about our skin being the largest organ and it will suck every little thing we place on it into our body and into our bloodstream. So yes, even ‘just deodorant’ is every bit as important to me as the lotions or makeup I might choose to wear. 

    I also check every ingredient of all the products I use – from my laundry detergent to my clothing. I am really impressed with the ones listed in Elixinol‘s Sativa Hemp Deodorant. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks so much for your input and expertise! 

    1. Hey Shan! Thanks a lot for your comment 

      We should form a “lovers of natural products” club, don’t you think?

      I am glad you found the review informative and useful. I fell in love with the Sativa line and starting from the deodorant I intend to share my love for the rest of the beauty products with you! So stay tuned! More good news on the way!

  6. When choosing a deodorant I had never looked at what stuff is used in the making of it I just thought, ” well if it smells good that’s all right”, well up until now and whenever i thought of aloe Vera I simply thought it was only necessary for the face.

    I’m going to try this Hemp deodorant hopefully I won’t have to worry about my shirts taking on a white stain colour which is almost impossible to remove, that’s the worst thing I have had to experience with the cheap deodorants I have used so far.

    Thank you

    1. Welcome, Donny! What smells good might hide so many dangerous contents! Better informed than sorry, right?

      Neither my friend nor I have experienced any white stains on our clothes. My wardrobe is full of black clothes (black is my favorite and lately the only color I chose for my clothes) but using the Sativa deodorant I haven’t had any accidents. SO don’t worry about stains.

      Thank you for your comment! Be well! 

  7. This sounds like a very good product! I am amazed at the stuff it contains and none of them are harmful. In fact, I was unaware of some of the harmful ingredients my regular deodorant contains. 

    You have done such a great job at reviewing this Sativa hemp deodorant that I really do want to try it. You have turned me off the deodorant I have been using. 

    Thank you for sharing this informative post.    

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Russ! 

      I am glad I have turned you off the deodorant you have been using. 

      My aim was to inform you of the dangers a body care product we use daily may cause to your health. I hope you will be more cautious and check the ingredients of your deodorant from now on. 

      Be well!

  8. Thank you for this great article about sativa hemp deodorant. I never heard of a hemp deodorant before but it sounds like an interesting idea. It looks like it has some healthy and safe deodorizing components and then the hemp oil is they are to provide additional benefits to your skin? Well that is very nice and it’s also a great that it doesn’t contain all those toxic chemicals.

    Thank you for actually getting the product before making a review. It definitely gives you the ability to write a more helpful review from your own perspective, which is a great way to go. Thank you for your expertise on healthy products, and have a great day.

    1. Hey C!

      As I have written in my article I can’t review a product without having tried it first. Especially when it’s a body care and beauty product. I am a woman and I know how to test them. Moreover, in the case of Sativa Hemp Deodorant, I had a demanding collaborator. Theresa’s crash tests were more severe than mine because of her allergies and needs. 

      The results of our tests convinced us of the efficiency of the deodorizer. I hope they convinced you too! 


  9. Hi, Effie!
    I am so happy that you shared this amazing product with your readers!
    I really put it to the test yesterday. It was very hot and humid and I got sweaty taking a walk. After that, I did some rather heavy housekeeping and sweated some more. Later, I push-mowed the yard and was drenched with sweat by the time I finished. NO STINK!!!
    I am so incredibly happy with this product and I am very grateful to you for introducing me to Elixinol; this is definitely a life-changer for me! It is so nice not to have to take sponge baths and change my shirt several times each day. This is saving me time as well as money but best of all, it has saved me from feeling humiliated and afraid to get too close to anyone!
    Thank you so very much for the impact you have made in my life, first with CBD and now this! I am a whole new person! 🙂
    Cheers! Theresa

    1. Theresa, I should thank YOU for the feedback you gave me! Your sensitivities and demands from a deodorant are the biggest proof that the Sativa Hemp deodorant is simply excellent. Its effectiveness combined with its natural and non-harmful ingredients makes it the best deodorant I have ever used. I am glad it changed your life too!!
      By the way, I hope you didn’t mind sharing your email with the world 🙂
      You know that helping people makes me happy and fills my soul with joy. Thank you for letting me make part of your life, share opinions, investigate health issues, and exchange experiences on CBD and hemp products.
      And PLEASE keep asking questions and inspiring me!! Promise?

  10. Hi…very thorough article. I really became shocked as you talked about contents, or ingredients of regular products. I have seen that more and more people, including men are switching Hemp Body Care products. You really seem to know your stuff. Thanks, I’ll be waiting for further articles.


    1. Welcome back, Brian! I am glad I shocked you (kidding). Besides explaining the reasons why I consider the Sativa Hemp Deodorant one of the safest and most effective deodorants on the market, my aim was to inform consumers about the potential harm the ingredients contained by mainstream deodorants can cause to their health.
      Would you ever think that the phthalates contained by fragrances could be responsible for decreased sperm count and prostate cancer? I bet you wouldn’t!
      I hope the information given to you by my article will make you think twice before purchasing a deodorizer of questionable quality.
      Thank you for your comment, my friend! Get ready, I’ll be back 🙂

  11. I’ve been looking for a natural deodorant and I use aloe vera all the time.  I know how beneficial essential oils can be for our skin.

    So many chemicals are being added to our beauty products.  Products that we use daily and all those chemicals are being absorbed by our bodies.  It’s no wonder there is so much diseases popping up all over the place.

    For the last couple of years I’ve been very strict about what I put in my body.  I find that it’s very important to read labels.

    I do my best not to use anything whether internally or topically that have ingredients I can’t pronounce.

    This deodorant also sounds like a great alternatives for people with allergies.

    1. Welcome to the club of organic and natural beauty care products users, Margarette!  

      I am so glad you are aware of the importance of reading labels. Not all ingredients you can’t pronounce are harmful. I suggest that you use the database I recommend. It’s so easy to understand whether a compound is harmful or beneficial; a piece of cake to translate the results!

      I urge you to continue excluding products containing dangerous ingredients and getting informed on the real organic products.

      Be well!

  12. I’m always hesitant to buy any skin care products because my skin is so sensitive. It’s really hard to find products that work well and won’t cause irritation. Thank you for this useful information. Much appreciated. Very interesting! I’m going to read more post!!

    1. Shelley, Theresa’s feedback is proof that Sativa Hemp Deodorant is really safe and effective. She suffers from a severe form of allergy that affects not only her skin but her brain as well. The list of ingredients the deodorant contains reveals the safety of the product.
      To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t use myself as a valid tester; I am tough and my skin isn’t sensitive. Theresa’s evaluation of the product is precious to me and it should be to all my readers with sensitivities.
      Thanks for stopping by! Be well!

  13. Hey Effie!

    I’m using cheap deodorants for a long time now, and I always wanted to change it, it makes me feel dirty and unhealthy,
    I even don’t like its smell. After reading your article, I understood how important it is to use high-quality deodorant with beneficial values as well. I decided to take action and purchase this deodorant finally.

    I’m sure I would love it!

    Thank you for your well-written post! 🙂

    Have a great time,

    1. Yair, thank you so much for your kind words! I am glad my article has helped you understand the importance of knowing the benefits and the potential harms the ingredients of the products we use can cause to our health. 

      Knowledge is power, don’t you think? 

      I would love to hear your evaluation of the Sativa Hemp deodorant after you use it! 

      Take care of yourself! 

  14. Hey there,

    The amount of information provided in this article is amazing, it is almost intense at times. I came here to read a review of a hemp-based deodorant, and I came away with a better understanding of the chemicals it is not comprised of, as well as some that I didn’t even know existed.

    I personally am a huge advocate of anything that comes from the cannabis plant so having a deodorant based on hemp is an ok in my book.

    I moved to China about 2 years ago and here there is a lack of organic body products. There is such a lack that I have just stopped wearing deodorant altogether, which is good for me but bad for the people who sit next to me on the train, but oh well…

    Since this seems to be right up my alley in terms of body care (I too like to use as much organic stuff as I can) I was considering checking it out. But your in-depth review has made me want to try it for sure.

    Thanks for the well-written post. I really like your writing style. It’s like you are talking directly to me.



    1. Hey Max! I am flattered by your kind words! And yes, I was talking to you 🙂 along with all my readers.
      So you are a huge advocate of the cannabis plant and you like to use as much organic stuff as possible. Welcome to the club!
      The cannabis plant compounds are a great passion of mine with cannabidiol being my favorite.
      Organic stuff in beauty and skincare products is my obsession. I spend hours learning about the beneficial and harmful effects of ingredients added to products we use every day.
      I am happy you went away with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the chemicals contained by mainstream deodorants and their potential dangers to our health. I feel rewarded!
      Take care of yourself and keep on using organic body care products!

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