Living with CBD-A Complete User’s Guide

CBD User Manual

The day you’ve been expecting, has arrived!

You can, finally, start living with CBD! You open the packet quickly and you hold the “precious” product in your hands. You are thrilled and can’t wait to start using it. You look for instructions on how to use it and ….


There is not the usual printed document you are given when you purchase an ordinary prescription drug.  

There is no information about what you can use CBD for, how and when to take it, how much to take or its possible side effects. There isn’t even storage advice!

No CBD Instructions For Use

You experience an intense panic attack (which increases your need for the product.  I’ve got a photo of you in panic. Don’t worry, I won’t publish it:-) )

Even though you think you shouldn’t have to look it up, you search for information on the company’s website. To no avail.

Nasty situation, isn’t it?

Welcome to the club of CBD oil newbies. Don’t worry,  you are not the only one in need of CBD oil instructions for use and you are not alone.

I’ve been a CBD newbie myself and since I know how it feels, I decided to write a complete user’s guide that will give you the information you need.

I warn you, it will be a bit long. So, grab a cup of coffee (or two) and follow me 🙂

What is CBD oil and what is it derived from?

First of all, I’d like to be sure you know what exactly the product you hold in your hands is.

CBD (short for CannaBiDiol) is the second most prevalent and naturally occurring compoudnd found in the cannabis sativa plant. It is a safe, non-addictive, non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid.

Research has brought evidence regarding its potential benefits to numerous ailments and health conditions.

CBD is extracted from specific cultivars (= plant varieties that have been produced in cultivation by selective breeding) of the cannabis sativa which contain large amounts of cannabidiol.

CBD oil is a product that contains a specific amount of Cannabidiol, terpenes and other natural substances. It is a solution that contains the cannabinoid. CBD itself is not an oil. As soon as it gets extracted from the plant, it is mixed with a carrier oil. This is done so it can be absorbed more efficiently by your system.

What is CBD oil used for?

CBD doesn’t give a “high” like its sibling Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does but it seems the buzz it generates is pretty high (!!!)

CBD is being extensively AND intensively researched worldwide.

Researchers refer to it as a “promiscuous”  substance, simply because it drills deep into your physiological and biological functions and confers its therapeutic benefits in different ways. It doesn’t treat the symptom, it treats the cause.

We aren’t fully aware of all its properties yet, but pre-clinical research and a few clinical studies have discovered that CBD has significant:

  • anti-oxidant,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • anticonvulsant,
  • anti-depressant,
  • antipsychotic,
  • anti-tumoral, and
  • neuroprotective


It can treat-among others- diabetes, osteoarthritis (read my friend Theresa’s story ), epilepsy, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, Crohn’s, several forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, inflammation, schizophrenia, …

It can be used to combat addictions, like AUD, drugs or smoking.

It can even alter gene expression and remove the beta-amyloid plaque (the trademark of Alzheimer’s) from brain cells.

The above list of ailments, CBD has a beneficial impact on, is not complete.

I don’t want to tire you more.

After all, having a CBD product in your hands right now means you have done your homework 🙂

There is one thing I’d like to point out, though:

CBD is closely related to the most important system in your body, your Endocannabinoid System. Your ECS is responsible for the promotion, regulation, and maintenance of homeostasis (=balance) in your body.

A deficient ECS  (Clinical Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Deficiency Syndrome) may be the root cause of lack of equilibrium and consequently of lots of health issues.

So don’t wait to be sick to add CBD to your life.

Do it now!

Prevention is better than any cure, don’t you think?

Premium Quality CBD Oil Products

How much CBD oil should I use?

This is a tough question, you know. I have already given you answers to this question in a previous article of mine.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to read that article, too!. I brought all the informations here.

Everybody’s endocannabinoid system and body chemistry are unique, so CBD dosage can range.

Some CBD users will have the desired effects taking 3 mg twice a day, while others need 200 mg four times a day or higher!

A study about social anxiety and public speaking reports that a 600 mg dose of CBD was effective in reducing anxiety.

In other studies, though, scientists claim that doses as low as 40 mg can be effective in lowering the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is a simple example. The same may apply to other ailments.

What is the best CBD dosage?

There are some important factors that you should take into consideration when deciding your optimal dosage:

  1. Your Physiology; specifically your weight
  2. Your Body Chemistry; you are unique. The history of your body is unique too. The use of medications, supplements, even substances you make use of, are responsible for your unique body chemistry, which can affect the way your body can react to CBD
  3. The Concentration of CBD in the product you bought
  4. The Severity of the Disorder you suffer from

Having these factors in mind, it is clear that there is not a dose that fits all. There is not a universal rule regarding CBD oil dosage. All you can do is decide what your perosnal dose will be, and experiment on yourself until you find your “sweet point”. Always bear in mind the following:

  • Start building up your dosage based on your weight. A general rule is that 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 lb (5 kg) is a good starter dose. Adjust it taking into consideration the severity of the condition you need to treat.
  • “Start low, go-slow and keep adjusting”. Those of you who are new to cannabidiol should take a relatively low dose (1-5mg) once a day for a week. This way, your body has enough time to adapt and you can see if you get the desired results. It would be helpful if you divided your dosage into smaller doses throughout the day. So if you decide to take multiple but smaller doses during the first day, you can increase the dosage and note any possible changes in the effect. If you need to, continue adjusting and continue monitoring your body’s reactions until you find the dosage that works for your situation.
  • Be patient. People react differently to the same dosage patterns. It may take you time to find the proper dosage that will give you the desired effects. Some effects may be experienced immediately, while others take a while to “build up”. (particularly when looking for relief from complex anxiety disorders like OCD or PTSD, chronic pain,  or more severe ailments).
  • Monitor how long the CBD effects really last. If they don’t last as long as you wish, change from the once-or-twice-a-day dose to multiple-doses-daily maintaining the mg quantity that suits you.
  • You can’t overdose on CBD. Cannabidiol is non-toxic and won’t give you a “high”. As a matter of fact, no signs of toxicity or serious side effects have been observed following chronic administration of cannabidiol to healthy volunteers (Cunha et al.,), even in large acute doses of 700 mg/day (Consroe et al.)

Fortunately, the web can provide you with specific tools that can suggest a sample dose for you. You can check this CBD Dosage Calculator that determines your dosage taking into consideration your body weight and ailment.

I will give you some examples of how you can, gradually, introduce CBD oil to you body.

CBD oil tincture

Here is an example of a gradual CBD tincture intake in the initial phase:

1st day: 1 drop/evening

2nd day:1 drop/morning. 1 drop/evening

3rd day: 2 drops/morning 2 drops/evening

4th day: 3 drops/morning 3 drops/evening

5th day: 4 drops/morning 4 drops/evening

6th day: 4 drops three times a day.

7th day: 5 drops three times a day.

And so on.

Of course, you may find your “sweet point” before day 7. Or not. If you feel the results aren’t the desired ones, you can continue by gradually increasing your dose.  

You should intake CBD in a moderate way.

Be patient and listen carefully to your body.

Whatever amount of CBD you take, you should feel good.

I suggest that you don’t exceed 3 ml daily. It won’t harm you. There are no risks of overdosing or drug poisoning. I, just, don’t consider it necessary.

If you feel the specific product isn’t suitable for you because it doesn’t contain the amount of CBD that can give you the desired result, next time you can choose a product with a higher concentration in cannabidiol.

If you start feeling tired or sick, you should adjust your dose by reducing it a bit.

For an optimal effect, avoid any kind of fluids for approximately 30 minutes after ingestion.


Low doses are stimulants.

High doses are calmants.

You can “play” with your daily dosage taking a low dose in the morning to get stimulated and filled with energy and a high one to get a great night’s sleep!

Don’t forget that your relationship with your CBD oil is unique because YOU are unique. Don’t count on what dosage this friend or that relative of yours take. Don’t imitate them, find your personal, optimal dose and stick to it 🙂

CBD oil Capsule, pill or soft gel

Here is an example of a gradual CBD oil capsule (=10 drops) intake in the initial phase :

1st day. 1 capsule/evening

2nd day. Repeat 1st day

3rd day. Repeat

4th day. 1 capsule/morning, 1 capsule/evening

5th day. Repeat 4th day

6th day. Repeat

7th day. Repeat

8th day.1 capsule/morning, 1 capsule/noon, 1 capsule/ evening

9th day. Repeat 8th day

10th day. Repeat

11th day. Repeat

12th day. 1 capsule/morning, 1 capsule/noon, 2 capsules/evening

13th day. Repeat 12th day

14th day. Repeat

15th day. Repeat

16th day. 2 capsules/morning 1 capsule/noon 2 capsules/evening

17th day. Repeat 16th day

18th day. Repeat

19th day. Repeat

20th day. 2 capsules/morning 2 capsules/noon 2 capsules/evening

And so on.

Are you are thinking that the example exaggerates a bit? You are right!  It does! On purpose. I chose to arrive to day 20 just to make you get the meaning!

Perhaps you will find your “sweet point” in the first 10 days. Perhaps you will need to continue a bit more. There is no rule on dosage, remember?

I repeat: your body is UNIQUE.

My advice will be the same as with tinctures. Monitor your physical well being. It isn’t necessary to exceed the 3 capsules 3 times a day.

If you feel sick or tired reduce your dose a little bit.

There are capsules which contain different amounts of CBD. Start with a product which contains a small amount of cannabidiol in mg. If you find them insufficient try capsules with a higher concentration.

Same as with tinctures, if you are aiming at an optimal effect, you should avoid any kind of fluids for approximately 30 minutes after ingestion

CBD oil paste

I will not give you an example of a gradual CBD paste intake in the initial phase because it is similar to that of tinctures.

Re-read the tinctures example and follow the example having in mind that you won’t count drops this time but grams or oz.

My advice regarding CBD paste is the same as that about tinctures and capsules. Start low and go slow monitoring your body’s reactions.

How to understand CBD dosage

To be able to understand CBD dosage, you should get to know the product you have in your hands.

I have already mentioned that one of the factors that you should take into consideration when deciding your dosage is the concentration of CBD in the product you bought.

So, you have bought a CBD tincture or a vaporizer. You read the numbers on the products referring to ml, mg and haven’t got a clue about them.

How much CBD is there in 1ml of your tincture (a dropper contains 1ml of liquid or approximately 20-24 drops)?.

How much CBD does every puff from your vaporizer contain?

Here comes maths!

CBD oil tincture

Tinctures are liquid and are measured in ml. To find out how much CBD is in 1 ml of your tincture, you use the following algorithm (nope, it’s not a simple calculation for a maths hater like me. It’s an algorithm:-))

mg /ml =CBD mg in 1 ml

Be patient. Algorithms are complicated, I know! An example will make the situation clearer.

Imagine, you have a 100 ml tincture that has 500 mg of CBD.

You calculate :

500mg/100ml= 5 mg of CBD in 1ml or in a full dropper. Now, if your optimal dose is 10 mg you take 2 full droppers and so on.

As soon as you have found the amount of CBD in 1 ml you can calculate the amount of CBD a single drop contains.

I will continue with the above example:

You know that 1 ml of your product contains 5 mg of CBD.

You calculate:

5mg/22=approximately 0.23mg per drop  (1ml of liquid is 20-24 drops. I use the average 22 to be sure)

CBD oil vape

The same algorithm should be used when using a vape product. You fill the tank of you vaporizer using a dropper. Having done your maths homework you know how much CBD your tank contains.

Remember to monitor how many times a day you need to refill your tank and how many puffs a tank gives you.

CBD oil capsules, soft gel or suppository

No math is needed when taking capsules or suppositories of course!

With CBD capsules or suppositories things are simple. Your optimal dosage is 20 mg? You buy a bottle of capsules with 20 mg per capsule or a product in the form of suppositories and off you go!

CBD oil paste

If you chose a CBD paste it may be slightly harder to calculate your optimal dose because it is much thicker than the oil.

The following video will help you understand CBD paste dosage (and administration) better.

Instructions of CBD Paste Administration

How do I take CBD oil?

Now that you have your ideas clear regarding dosage it’s time to take your CBD.

You are wondering how. Right?

First things, first. What form is it in?

Is it in a liquid form? A CBD tincture?


Relax, there is not a right or wrong way. There is an advisable way, though.

First of all, shake your bottle well before you open it.

This step is very important and I won’t get tired repeating it 🙂

It’s natural for hemp oil products to separate. The oil tends to remain on the surface or to get stuck on the sides of the bottle. Shake your bottle well; it will blend quickly.

If you skip this step, you’ll probably end up taking straight carrier oil. It won’t be beneficial for you and, trust me, it’s not a very tasty experience  (Yuck!!!)

I am sure you have shaken your bottle well,  but before moving to the next step how about taking a short break?

There is something I need to tell you.

Ok, you have chosen your CBD product in the type that suits your specific needs, everyday routine and lifestyle. You should know that the various types of CBD products differ in terms of bioavailability.

What the heck is this? (I am sorry, the lesson continues 🙂

Bioavailability is the degree to which or the rate at which a drug or other substance is absorbed or becomes available at the site of physiological activity after administration.

I can hear you asking yourselves: Why is it important?

Simply, because it determines how much of whatever medicine or substance you took is present in your bloodstream and can provide you with the desired effect.

And not only for this reason.

Keep in mind that when your doctor prescribes any medicine and calculates the dosage, he includes bioavailability in his calculations to determine the standard dosage.

So, what is the bioavailability of different types of CBD products?

  1. Edibles (through the digestive system). Bioavailability 4-20%
  2. Tinctures or oil (Sublingual administration). Bioavailability 12-40%
  3. Vaping (Through lungs). Bioavailability 34-46% (recently reported up to 56%)
  4. Intranasal. Bioavailability 34–46%
  5. Transdermal. Approximately 70%
  6. Topicals (applied on the skin). Bioavailability 0%
  7. Suppositories (Rectal administration) Bioavailability 80-90%
  8. Intravenous. Bioavailability 100% (I included this method of administration to show you its hight bioavailability. I haven’t found any CBD product administered this way on the market. Not yet )

Well, the break is over. Let’s move to the next step: CBD intake. But since it was a pretty long break, shake your bottle well again!!

Is your CBD product a tincture or oil?

CBD oil and tinctures (drops or sprays) are absorbed better and faster if they are used under your tongue:

CBD Sublingual Administration Method

Using CBD sublingually is considered a much better way than simply swallowing it.

This method allows the mucous membranes of your mouth to absorb cannabidiol. Your digestive system is bypassed and the cannabinoid isn’t entirely metabolized by your liver.

This means that the cannabidiol molecules aren’t broken by your liver enzymes and they do not travel to your stomach (at least not all of them.) So CBD can enter your bloodstream faster. The bioavailability of the sublingual method is reported up to 40% whereas through your digestive system it can arrive up to 20%.

Now that you have shaken your bottle well let’s see how you can take your CBD sublingually:

  • Be sure you haven’t eaten, drunk or smoked five minutes before taking your CBD.
  • Use a mirror to be able to check the number of drops you are putting under your tongue.  
  • Allow your CBD oil to be absorbed by your system holding it in your mouth for 60 to 90 seconds (If you can wait for two minutes it would be great! You are a hero! I can’t do it!). If you want to, swish it around a bit, but it’ not obligatory. I, personally, choose to let it sit under my tongue and not to swish it. In this way, I avoid its taste because the product I use isn’t flavored and I don’t find it particularly pleasant.
  • After the two minutes, swallow what’s left in your mouth. If you find the flavor is too strong for you, drink any non-alcoholic drink to mask it. (Of course, you don’t need juice if you don’t find the flavor unpleasant or if you use a flavored tincture. Yet, if you aim at an optimal effect, you should avoid any kind of fluids for approximately 30 minutes after ingestion.)
  • Repeat this twice a day (or more). The frequency of use depends on your specific needs and the potency of the product you have chosen)

A useful tip: brush your teeth before the intake.

Will you vape CBD oil?

CBD Vape Pen
Joy Organics Vape Pen

There are no specific instructions in this case. You know how to vape, right?

You can vape whenever you feel the need to (Be careful though. You aren’t allowed to vape wherever you need to. Make sure that vaping isn’t prohibited in that specific place you are now)

Your product’s bioavailability is high (up to 56% ).

CBD will enter your system through your lungs and won’t pass through your digestive system so don’t worry about eating or drinking before or after use.

  • Start by taking the lowest dose. This means you take a single inhale.
  • Avoid holding your breath after inhaling. There is a risk of lung irritation.
  • Give CBD a couple of minutes to produce its effects. If you notice that your anxiety is reduced and any pain is relieved it’s ok.
  • If you don’t notice any effect, try another inhale.

Is your product a CBD oil paste?

Exactly as tinctures and for the same reasons, it is advisable to use the sublingual method to take the paste.

  • Be sure you haven’t eaten drunk or smoked five minutes before taking your CBD paste.
  • Put it under your tongue (there is no need of a mirror in this case)
  • Allow your CBD paste to be absorbed by your system holding it in your mouth for 60 to 90 seconds (even better for two minutes). Swish it around a bit. The paste is thick and by swishing it you dissolve it a bit so it can be easily absorbed.
  • After the two minutes, swallow what’s left in your mouth. If you find the flavor is too strong for you, drink any non-alcoholic drink to mask it. (Same as with tinctures if you aim at an optimal effect, you should avoid any kind of fluids for approximately 30 minutes after ingestion.)

A useful tip: spread a piece of chocolate (my favorite is dark chocolate) with the paste. Brush your teeth before intake.

Is your product a CBD capsule or soft gel?

Well, the right dosage isn’t an issue for you. Nor do you need any specific instructions on how to swallow a capsule, pill or soft gel. These CBD products contain exactly the quantity of CBD indicated on the bottle or the package.

Your product’s bioavailability is relatively low unless you choose a nanotechnology product. (Be patient! I’ll tell you what nanotech is later)

Now, what’s your next question?

Oh, yes. You are right!

I can hear it loud and clear 🙂

When should I take CBD oil?

I know, I know.

You aren’t interested in whether you should take it morning or noon or evening.

You want to know whether you should take it with an empty or full stomach or something in between.

You are interested in the fastest effects and you take into consideration the bioavailability, the type and the administration method of your product.   

Don’t panic. (Or else I’ll publish that photo…of yours :-))

I know that you are confused.

You shouldn’t be.

  • If you administer CBD sublingually
  • If you vape it
  • If you take it transdermally,
  • Topically
  • Intranasally
  • Or in the form of suppositories (Ok, or intravenously to be fair and precise),

an empty or full stomach is none of your business!!

CBD won’t enter your bloodstream passing through your digestive system. Even in the case of tinctures and oils!

Holding the substance under your tongue for up to 2 minutes means that you swallow just a tiny amount of CBD.

The major part of the dose is absorbed by the capillaries and the tiny blood vessels found under your tongue and in your muth.

Then, it is transferred directly to your bloodstream bypassing your digestive system. Your liver won’t bother processing it, so its effects won’t be decreased by digestion.

The full or empty stomach issue interests those who have chosen any form of CBD that will be metabolized by the liver before entering the circulatory system. (capsules, pills, soft gels, drinks or edibles.

I am sure you are all ears now, waiting for an answer.

Once upon a time, there was an oracle (an ancestor of mine) named Pythia who used to give ambiguous answers to the visitors of the sanctuary of  Delphi.

I’ll try not to do the same.   

I will answer this question of yours as straightforwardly as the nature of CBD permits me to. 🙂

Some facts first:

The most trustworthy CBD manufacturers advise their customers to take CBD up to 30 minutes before a meal.

On the other hand, a 2013 study discovered that the peak concentration (Cmax ) of a THC/CBD spray was approximately 4 times higher in comparison to an intake on an empty (or at least relatively empty) stomach. Yet, the same study showed that food delayed the time CBD needed to reach peak concentration  (Tmax ) in the subjects’ bloodstream, by 2 to 2.5 hours.

What do CBD oil users report?

I searched the forums to see what other users say. I can’t count upon any personal experience of mine to give you any advice since my stomach can “digest even steel”  

The information I got was ambiguous.

Users who swallow their CBD product on an empty stomach, strongly advise others to do the same because they experience stronger effects with faster onsets.

Others choose to take it on a full stomach because they had had a kind of stomach upset or belly ache when they tried the first solution.

What is the verdict?

It seems that I can’t escape from my genes. My answer will be ambiguous.

It, all, depends on you and the health issue you want to treat.

If you are suffering from an ailment that needs quicker and stronger effects (like chronic pain), it would be better for you to take it on an empty stomach. If you feel any stomach upset, change the habit!

If you are suffering from an ailment that doesn’t require a fast delivery of the desired effects you can take it on a full stomach. Try the empty stomach solution first though 🙂

It’s an “economy versus time “ debate. An increased bioavailability means a less metabolized amount of the cannabidiol; thus less waste of it. Rapid and stronger effects mean that your needs are met in less time.

CBD manufacturers propose a witty solution to increase the bioavailability of ingested CBD products.

Nanotechnology! (or else “does size matter” ?:-))

Don’t laugh!

In the case of nanotechnology, size does matter but in the opposite way.

The smaller the better!

Scientists have managed to decrease the size of the particles of CBD and create nanoparticles.

These tiny, little particles are similar to macroparticles in properties but they differ in size. They are so small that they can be absorbed into your bloodstream more efficiently than any particle of the substance. Their size is reduced to a few hundred nanometers and this increases their ability to pass through gaps they wouldn’t be able to penetrate before their transformation.

So, why don’t you give it a try? A nanoCBD product might act better than you might expect.

What is the conclusion?

You entered a “trial and error” dimension when you started living with CBD! Full stomach or empty stomach is a detail.

The important thing to remember is that this relationship will help you understand and -why not- love your body more deeply. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the time of administration. Your body will show you the way.

(I am sure my oracle ancestor would be proud of me 🙂 )

How fast does CBD oil work? How long do CBD effects last?

Cool, you have taken it! Hurray!

You watch the clock and are wondering: When will the miracle happen? When will I stop hurting? When will I start yawning?

How long will CBD effects last when they finally show up?

Tic, toc, tic, toc…

You can’t wait to find out by yourself and want answers now, right?

Well, what product did you use?

CBD vape oils?

Inhaling CBD means that you skyrocket it in your system in no time 🙂

It is the fastest way to put CBD in your body but,  I am sorry to tell you, the effects won’t last long.

In approximately 30 minutes, CBD will reach peak concentration in your bloodstream and the effects will start fading away after two to three hours (maximum 4 h) and you will have to re-dose.

A CBD tincture or CBD oil?

Taking CBD sublingually is the second fastest method to get the desired results.

The cannabinoid kicks in within twenty to thirty (maximum sixty) minutes and reaches peak concentration in approximately one to two hours.

The effects tend to be long-lasting: four to six hours. Take CBD 3 times a day and your needs may be covered for the whole day.

A CBD topical cream?

It’s no surprise that a topical’s effect will be noticed relatively fast: fifteen to twenty minutes after the application and will last for six hours or more. A minuscule amount of CBD, if any, will make it to your bloodstream — unless your product is designed to act transdermally.

This form of administration is among the longest-lasting ones.

Why is that?

The product is administered locally, on a specific skin area and lingers there targeting muscles, inflammatory cells, and pain-perceiving nerves. No long trips from mouth to stomach and liver or from the bloodstream to the brain. Commuting is exhausting, you know!

A CBD capsule or other similar form?

You will, probably, have to wait for an hour to feel the effects of a CBD capsule because the product has to pass through your digestive system first before it enters your bloodstream.

The effects will last from four to eight hours depending on the concentration of CBD in the product.

The peak bloodstream concentration is reported between half to five hours.

A CBD edible or a CBD beverage?

Ingesting edibles is the longest-lasting method. The effects last between four to six hours. The bad news is that the effects will begin to take hold after one to two hours from use.

Edibles and beverages are similar to capsules. Remember that gummies, chocolates, infused candies, and any drink have to pass through your digestive system and your liver to be metabolized before being absorbed by your system.  Peak concentration will be reached within one to six hours.

Do you want to reduce the time CBD needs to kick in?

Try to eliminate the risk that it gets stuck in a traffic jam inside your body.

Take it on an empty stomach!

CBD suppositories?

CBD administered through the mucosal tissue of the anus will strongly affect muscles, inflammatory cells, and pain-perceiving nerves.

Suppositories work similarly to topicals.  

In contrast to them, though, some of the substance will enter your bloodstream passing through the capillaries that exist in the anus area.

When CBD enters your system through the rectum, it  will reach peak concentration within two to eight hours  

It’s a matter of time before you started feeling better. All you have to do is give CBD time to do its magic.

In the meantime, let’s talk about something more “practical”

Does CBD oil expire? What is CBD oil’s shelf life?

All packaged products expire and everything we consume has a shelf-life. CBD cannot be an exception.

A lot of manufactures inform their clients about the expiration date of their products by printing it on the package.

The average shelf life of a CBD oil product is between 12 to 24 months

Your product’s shelf life depends on two factors:

The manufacturer and you.

It’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to maximize the shelf life of his product by giving attention to:

  • Quality: All quality products last longer, right? Remember that cheap handbag you threw away six months after buying it? It was cheap because its quality was low. You get what you pay for, after all.

CBD oil complies with this universal rule. The quality of the raw material your cannabidiol was extracted from and the method of extraction are of crucial importance for the shelf life of the final product.

  • Packaging: You should never buy a CBD oil that is sold in a transparent bottle.

All quality CBD oil or tincture are sold in amber or blue bottles to protect their content from exposure to sunlight.

Elixinol uses Miron violet glass bottles for its Liposomes products Miron violet glass selectively allows the energizing and enhancing violet wavelengths while blocking all others. Violet light is important because it destroys bacteria and harmful microorganisms preserving the content, which in our case is the CBD oil.

CBD Liposome Hemp Extract

So, packaging plays a significant role in the shelf life of your CBD product

Does CBD oil go bad?

Well… Actually, I wouldn’t say it can go bad. I should say that it can, definitely, become less potent over time because the cannabidiol, terpenes and other compounds it contains may degrade.

This degradation process won’t make your CBD toxic and won’t put your health into risk. It will, simply, affect the product’s potency and you won’t experience the desired effects.

And this is where YOU should do your part to protect your CBD oil.  

CBD oil has two enemies: light/heat and air.

Don’t worry, I will provide you with the arsenal you need to fight them both and win the war.

  1. Light/heat defeating strategy:
  • Store your product in a place that is cool, dark and dry to preserve its freshness and to keep it from degrading.
  • Don’t place you CBD on the counter exposed to direct sunlight
  • Don’t put your CBD near a window exposed to direct sunlight
  • Don’t put it in a cabinet near any appliance that produces heat
  • Keeping your CBD hemp oil in the refrigerator is ideal because it remains dark most of the time. (the few minutes you open the door won’t harm the product)
  • You can store the product in the basement or cellar where it’s fresh and dark
  • Avoid putting your CBD in the freezer. Some CBD products contain a blend of liquids that may turn solid and you would need a hammer to be able to administer it.
  • If you are a control freak -as I am- you can wrap your bottle with aluminum foil to give your product maximum protection from light

Your CBD product came into your life in an airtight bottle (or an applicator) specifically designed and manufactured to protect the product from air exposure. Similar to light exposure, prolonged exposure to air is responsible for the breakdown of cannabidiol.

  1. Air defeating strategy:
  • Keep your CBD hemp oil in its original bottle
  • In case you have to transfer it to another container, choose a similar container (or at least a container adequate for long- term storage)
  • Tighten the bottle’s lid after every use.

Taking proper care for your CBD will preserve its potency and its constituents.

It doesn’t matter if you have chosen an oil product, a tincture, capsules, soft gels or a concentrate.

It is imperative to protect them all from elements like light, heat, humidity, and air to maintain their therapeutic properties,

Storing your products properly will help maintain their freshness and you will continue experiencing their benefits until the last drop!

Cool! Don’t you think it’s time you stored your product properly? I can see it placed on the counter 🙂  

What’s wrong? I can sense you are worried.

Oh! Yes!

The CBD oil side effects

“CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential,”


“CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.”

According to the WHO (No! Not the rock band! It’s the World Health Organization I’m talking about), CBD is regarded as a safe and non-addictive substance.

They are the experts and I trust them. A good safety profile means there are no adverse side effects, right?

How about “light” side effects? Are there any? Will you experience any of them?

I can tell you that there is no way of knowing if you will experience any of them. Remember your uniqueness?  CBD users have reported some side effects but the people affected by them were a minority.

What side effects were reported?

  • Dry Mouth. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors of your ECS that exist in your salivary glands causing the inhibition of saliva secretion and inducing dry mouth. You shouldn’t worry about it. Perhaps this feeling will oblige you to hydrate more than usual and this is unquestionably a good habit!
  • Lower Blood Pressure. Scientists seem to contradict one another in this case. A 2011 review, published in the Current Drug Safety Journal, reported no adverse effects upon physiological parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, psychological and psychomotor functions, gastrointestinal transit, and food intake.

Another study found that a single dose of CBD in patients with normal blood pressure reduced their blood pressure.

High blood pressure patients anecdotally report that their blood pressure is lowered when using CBD regularly. Being a vasodilator, CBD can widen your arteries and blood vessels permitting your blood to flow with less pressure. This is certainly not bad news!

If you don’t suffer from hypertension and you feel your blood pressure is low, there is a trick: eat something salty. I suffer from hypotension. Salty foods and coffee keep me going. Doctor’s orders!  Otherwise, I get

  • Lightheadedness. It’s a temporary side effect caused by low blood pressure. To me is a permanent one due to my hypotension. If you fix your blood pressure it will go away. Salty foods and coffee work wonders. Remember, though, that caffeine is dehydrating. If you drink too much coffee pair it with a lot of water.
  • Drowsiness. Some users report a calm feeling, some others say they feel more energetic than usuaL. In cases of high dosage, some users have reported drowsiness. If you ever feel drowsy, avoid heights, driving any vehicle or operating heavy machinery. Safety first, right?
  • Diarrhea. It has been associated with high levels of CBD oil. To avoid it, simply lower your dosage.
  • Liver drug metabolism CBD has been found to interact with enzymes that metabolize drugs such as the cytochrome P450. Around 60% of all prescription drugs are metabolized by the enzyme CYP3A4 that belongs in this family and is responsible for the metabolism of CBD too!  If you are on any medication you should consult your trusted physician before using CBD.

Yet, CBD has a beneficial effect! It intensifies the levels of the enzyme CYP1A1, which is able to break down cancer-causing substances like benzopyrene.

  • Movement disorders You don’t suffer from Parkinson’s, right? A 2009 study reported that CBD has Parkinsonism-aggravating effects in humans. A more recent study, though, found that CBD is capable of improving the quality of life of Parkinson’s sufferers. I, frankly, don’t know what to say. All I know is that Michael J. Fox suffers from Parkinson’s and endorses CBD.

CBD overdose?

No way.

During scientific studies, really HUGE doses of CBD (up to 1500 mg daily!) were administered to human subjects. The reports state that the subjects tolerated the substance well.  

Furthermore, the Department of Health and Human Services affirms that there are no signs of toxicity or serious side effects associated with chronic use of the cannabinoid by healthy individuals.

Premium Quality CBD Oil Products

Final thoughts

You are well equipped with the essential knowledge and advice, now.

You can exploit your CBD oil product as much as you can to get the effects you desire and it can offer you.

Be patient and monitor your body’s reactions. If you feel there is something wrong, lower the dose or take a break from using your CBD.

I think I’ve answered all (???) your questions. If you feel there is something missing, don’t hesitate to ask me placing a comment below. Any personal experience of yours is valuable. Share it with us!

If you want to know if I have published a new article, or get information about CBD news, product releases or promotions, don’t hesitate to sign up for my email list!

DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not meant to alleviate or cure any disease or disorder. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.


  1. I have to say that this is the most informative article that I have come across about CBD oils! I have a digestive disorder which sometimes produces uncontrollable pain. I have always been curious about CBD and the different choices that are out there.
    One question, I was thinking about trying out a vape pen, and I saw that you had a 450mg option listed. I was wondering how long this particular vape pen would last if I only took about 2-3 puffs, say twice a day. Thank you for all of your hard work and research!

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words, Collen! It is a bit difficult to estimate how long your cartridge will last. It depends on how “big” your puffs are. The vape pen has 100 servings and with 2-3 puffs daily it will last approximately three months.

  2. Effie, more great information! I wish I had found this information months ago when some of my family started taking CBD oil, along with my dog. It was kind of a trial and error but we got it figured out. I am wondering what face cream you would recommend for dry patches on the skin?

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    Then again, you can always feel better. I’ve discovered that with my own adventures with probiotic and prebiotic supplements. You can “feel” better even if you didn’t think you needed to.

    Is CBD the kind of supplement that could potentially be useful in supporting an overall healthy and active lifestyle?

    1. Jon, I don’t suffer from any particular ailment (except for a kind of hypotension ever since I was a kid). As years pass by and our body gets old it’s certain that we will face health issues. I chose to add CBD oil in my supplement list to prevent and avoid having to cure. My focus is my ECS and homeostasis (yes, it’s my favorite word). Even though, I experienced a massive weight loss due to sentimental/psychological factors. a pretty harsh winter passed and I didn’t catch even the flu. If my personal experience is of any value, I would say: yes, it can be taken as an overall wellness enhancer!

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words, my friend! I think of your needs when I write an article. My aim is to answer your questions and help you! Theresa, a reader, and friend, who suffers from osteoarthritis now lives without pain thanks to CBD oil! I am sure it will help you too!

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    1. It’s obvious you are a newbie Jeffrey! CBD oil is neither addictive nor intoxicating (won’t give you a “high”) as THC. It is an amazing natural substance that seems to be able to treat and offer relief to numerous ailments

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    1. Welcome, Kristina. CBD CBD does have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. There are people that saw results when they used a full spectrum product. I understand why this oil is a taboo: too much propaganda for decades :-(. CBD oil won’t give you a “high” nor is it addictive. Alcohol gives you a certain “high” and is addictive but it isn’t a taboo, thanks to the media, right? Same for smoking. Ask your brother to read my articles and ask me all the questions he wants. I will be glad to inform and help him

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    1. Welcome to my website, Helen. CBD oil is legal only if it is prescribed by a doctor in Australia. I am sorry that you are not allowed to use it, yet. It’s not fair! I hope things will change in the future and you will be able to treat your ailments with this amazing,natural substance

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    1. Welcome to my website, Marko. I surely wouldn’t like to see big pharma put their hands on this awesome substance. I am not sure it would still be that natural and efficient:-)

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    1. Was it a clear transparent glass bottle? That’s bad news Suzanne CBD oil products have to be in amber or blue glasses to be protected by light. I hope you bad experience won’t make you lose faith in the substance. Be well my friend 🙂

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      1. Welcome, Jim! I bet you got confused and commented on the wrong article:-) Or are you commenting on the entire blog? I am not sure…

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