CBD Oil in the Gym-Your New Workout Buddy

By | 11/04/2019

My relationship with the gym is nonexistent! I hate being “locked” in a crowded room (big or small makes no difference to me) wheezing and grunting and sweating on rowing machines or chest presses or other medieval torture instruments /devices! (The only exercise I enjoy is yoga outdoors like a beach, a prairie, forest or… Read More »

Living with CBD-A Complete User’s Guide

By | 06/04/2019

The day you’ve been expecting, has arrived! You can, finally, start living with CBD! You open the packet quickly and you hold the “precious” product in your hands. You are thrilled and can’t wait to start using it. You look for instructions on how to use it and …. YOU FIND NOTHING. There is not… Read More »

CBD Oil Drug Interactions

By | 23/03/2019

CBD Oil drug interactions is a very sensitive and important topic. Dosage and interactions are perhaps the most common question people ask when seeking information regarding Cannabidiol. It’s logic: it’s our health we are talking about, isn’t it? Potential interactions of CBD with our medications can put your health at risk. Before you start reading… Read More »

Hemp Plant vs Marijuana Plant: What Are the Differences?

By | 15/03/2019

There are decades behind negative propaganda and misleading information regarding Cannabis . Nowadays, things seem to change and the health benefits of this amazing plant are shown by scientific research and appreciated by millions of people. Yet, the distinction between cannabis, hemp, and marijuana is not clear to consumers. A lot of people, out there, use… Read More »

Athletes that Use CBD-A New Era for the Sports World

By | 07/03/2019

The dawn of the 1st of January 2018 brought a huge change in the global history of competitive sports: it ended the prohibition of CBD products allowing professional athletes around the world to use them. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) decided to drop CBD from its list of banned substances. Thanks to this decision, Olympians… Read More »