What is the Best Price on CBD Oil?- A Thorough Look at the Market

Best Price CBD Oil


One of the most expanding markets, worldwide, is the CBD hemp oil market. A lot of people turn to cannabidiol products daily. Those who use these products are many, but those who do not use them are even more. So, let us first give the uninitiated a first general picture: Cannabis has the specificity to influence every human organism differently. So to deal with a problem with the use of cannabidiol oil one may require one drop a day, while another 30 drops.

This in turn creates a general frustration because for a patient CBD oil can cost 5 dollars a month and for another 250 dollars a month for the same treatment. (I can see the surprise in your eyes, you know… 🙂 )

A quick look on the prices of CBD oil the market offers can confuse the future consumer. The price range is very wide. Why is this? Is Cannabis the “weed of greed”?

What is the best price on CBD oil? That’s the question!!

First things first, though.

Before investigating the prices the market offers, we should make some preliminary agreements regarding quality. We will examine quality extensively in a future post.


Quality determines the price

No one buys anything without prior research on the quality of the product he is interested in.

There are several factors that determine CBD oil quality:CBD Quality Control

  • Where and How is Hemp Grown. The Hemp plant is a hyperaccumulator. This means that it tends to absorb anything that is in the ground it is cultivated in, from pesticides and bacteria to heavy metals and fungus. The amount of the toxins absorbed by the plant will be reflected by the produced oil.
  • Production Method. Cheap methods produce low quality and consequently cheap oil
  • Amount of THC present in the CBD oil. The amount of THC shouldn’t be higher than 0.3%
  • Full Spectrum = Whole Plant. Check the label on the product or ask for a lab report to see if the product was manufactured by the whole plant
  • The concentration of CBD.
  • Accredited Laboratories Results. A high-quality brand will provide recent third-party lab results to their consumers.
  • Good Customer Service. A reputable company offers excellent customer service, is ready to respond to questions and is characterized by transparency and straight answers


Quantity determines the price

The only convenient way to find what is a good CBD oil price is to take the calculator and make a series of divisions and multiplications. This is one of my biggest nightmares. MATHS…

Once you are sure that the CBD oil you are interested in is of a good (if not best) quality (study again the qualitative factors above) you should focus on quantity. Why? Because each company has different product packaging. So if you compare the price of a 100ml bottle of a company to a 200ml bottle of another company, it will obviously bring you to the wrong conclusion.

Money determines the price

CBD PriceThe market has no frontiers. People from different continents and countries buy online paying in dollars, euro, yen, pound etc. There companies producing and selling CBD oil overseas, in Asia, in Australia in Europe. Don’t leave your calculator on your desk. Consult a currency converter online to get the recent foreign exchange rates and go on with the calculations.

How can I understand if the price is good?

When you go shopping in the supermarket or the grocer’s to buy, for example, meat or cheese, you always check its price per unit of mass for solids and per unit of volume for liquids. This can be an ounce, gram, etc for the former and pints, quarts, gallons, and liter for the latter. But what about concentration?

Take a look at the photo Two Bottles

The blue bottle contains 100 ml of CBD oil and costs $ 50

The red bottle contains 100 ml of CBD oil and costs $ 200

I know, I know… You are good at maths and saving money! I bet you all think that the blue bottle is the right choice. The same quantity of oil, lower price. A great deal isn’t it?

Let’s examine the situation again. I’ll give you more details

The blue bottle contains 200 mg of CBD oil

The red bottle contains 1200 mg of CBD oil

Confused? You shouldn’t be.

The blue bottle won’t last long. If you need a 20 mg dose a day, the blue bottle will last 10 days (200mg/20= 10) while the red bottle will last you 60 days (1200mg/20=60). That’s 6 times more than the blue one.

If you buy the blue bottle for a 60-day dosage (10×6) it will cost you $300 (50×6=300). Under this perspective which bottle is a great deal? For a 60-days (or 2-months) use, the cost of the blue bottle will arrive at $300 plus shipping expenses for the extra orders whereas for the red bottle you have paid $200 once.

All this can lead us to a simple conclusion: Concentration makes the difference in price.

I think that you will agree with me if I say that the only way to be sure you are getting a good deal buying CBD oil is to take your calculator, do the math and calculate the price per mg.

The “algorithm” (!!!!!) is P/mg where P stands for price and mg stands for the number of mg indicating the concentration of CBD in the oil. Let’s do the math using the algorithm (!!!!!) for the left bottle.

left bottle: 50/200=$0.25 per mg of CBD

right bottle: 200/1200=$0.16 per mg of CBD

Don’t forget to add VAT if it’s not included in the price and the shipping expenses every company charges.

Algorithms, calculations, divisions, multiplications… Even though, as you know, I hate Maths, I think that all these simple calculations have answered your questions.


Who should I trust?

Trust CBDThere are a lot of companies manufacturing and selling CBD oil out there. Some are good some are not. Some are transparent, some are hiding in the shadows. Some are using pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing to promote their products. Don’t let yourselves be convinced by positive reviews and comments on these brands. Perhaps people who are part of the pyramid-scheme are behind these reviews.

It is sad that the consumer doesn’t know who to trust.

My advice is to trust trustworthy and reliable brands.

Before you make a purchase make sure that you verify the quality of the product, the reputation of the brand and the price per mg.

And remember that cheap is often expensive.

If you have any questions or want to share your personal experience, leave a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not meant to alleviate or cure any disease or disorder. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.


  1. My father and I decided to look into CBD oil and began looking online as it is not for sale locally here where I live. It is really hard to determine what is good and what is better. This information does help, but I am wondering if you have a link to where we can buy premium CBD products? I know we have purchased some in the past, and have since used it. Looking to get some new stock, and now I can be a little smarter about my purchase!

    1. Hi there! Quality is always a big issue. Stay tuned! There will be an article regarding quality. It will help you understand how to make the right choice. As for the link, let’s be patient. It will come when it’s the right time:-)

  2. Thanks for sharing,

    A very thorough and well laid out article. I see that CBD oil can be good for anxiety and paranoia.

    What other benefits does CBD oil have?


    1. Welcome Tom! I appreciate you comment. I suggest that you read a previous post of mine titled ” benefits from the use CBD oil products-a health and beauty perspective” You will find answers in it. Have a nice day!

  3. Thank you for this informative article! My sister is really into hair-growth stuff and is obsessed with hemp oil. I was also thinking of using it because of all the benefits I’ve heard like helping with anxiety and making you sleep better. I’m still a little worried about the side effects though. What would you recommend?

    1. Thank you Ezra and welcome to my website. There will be a future article on the side effects. Stay tuned !!

  4. That is so weird, I was actually looking for good CBD oil information.

    My GF’s sister is having mental issues from cannabis abuse and I had heard that CBD oil can help with this. Is this true?

    Thanks for the info.

    I also need to know what the correct dosages are. Is there a way for me to know how much she will need? I saw some on Amazon and it can get expensive.

    Thanks Effie.

    1. Welcome to my website Michael. Thanks a lot for your comment. If you take a look at my post regarding the benefits of CBD oil you will find the answers to you questions. As far as dosage is concerned stay tuned for a future article.Dosage isn’t as simple as it seems

      1. Thanks Effie. I have bookmarked the site.

        If you could please PM via WA when you write that article I would appreciate it.


  5. Hi, I found it really helpful how you broke down the prices of different CBD products and how to tell if it’s actually a good deal. I was looking for something to help relieve anxiety, do you know if this is a good idea? It’s all so confusing! but I feel like I understand the CBD oil market better after reading. Much appreciated!

    1. Hi Rachel. I’m glad you found it helpful. Of course it is a good idea! CBD oil has positive effects on anxiety . I was planning of writing about CBD and anxiety in the future . Perhaps I should do it in the near future. Have a nice day!

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