What Is The Best Way To Use CBD Oil?

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It was 00.50 last night when my cell phone rang.

“What is the best way to use CBD oil?” 

My friend Lilly was in a panic.

Not because something had happened to her; but simply because she is Lilly: a control-obsessed, knowledge-hungry, insecure, lively and lovely woman. With no sense of time. 

I knew she had been following my blog and I was expecting this “bombardment”.

“Inquisitive” is Lilly’s middle name but neither she nor her queries had shown up until last night.

She couldn’t find a concrete and straightforward answer to her question in any of my articles and, of course, she wouldn’t “sieve” the information she had.

Typical of her! 

The timing was the worst possible. I had taken my night serving of CBD and I was ready to meet Morpheus in bed. 

However, it’s not in my nature to let a friend down.

So, here it is, a comprehensive and thorough report that will hopefully answer Lilly’s -and perhaps your- question.

(Don’t thank me. Thank Lilly with a bunch of lilies, her favorite flowers. Original, right? )

What is CBD oil 

CBD  (short for CannaBiDiol) is a phytocannabinoid extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. 

Thanks to decades of propaganda and misconceptions, everything linked to cannabis is associated with hallucinations and “high” in the collective conscience. 

If you belong to the brainwashed, you should know that you are utterly wrong and profoundly misled. 

Even though CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it has nothing to do with this common belief. 

If you worry about getting a “high” you shouldn’t. If you are looking for a “high” you should search elsewhere. 

CBD will give you a “low”: it will lower chronic pain, decrease your levels of stress and anxiety, limit inflammation within your system, diminish sleep difficulties and reduce the symptoms of numerous health issues. 

Unlike its sibling THC (short for TetraHydroCannabinol ) cannabidiol is not mind-altering. 

On the other hand, it has proven antipsychotic, anxiolytic and antidepressant action. 

I regard it as a psychoactive substance.

For a simple reason:

CBD has the ability to heal the wounds of your psyche and treat the scars of your soul.  

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION  -and based on my personal experience – cannabidiol is a substance that acts upon your psyche and improves your mental state in cases of anxiety, stress or depression without causing the mind-altering euphoria THC delivers. 

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Why CBD oil? 

Would I be exaggerating if I called the era we live in the CBD-naissance?

According to a recent study, more and more people turn to cannabidiol to treat specific medical conditions and/or boost overall health and wellness. 

The survey participants have reported using the cannabinoid to treat a number of different health issues such as chronic pain and inflammatory disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, or sleep dysfunctions.

They have also asserted that CBD handles their condition(s) and relieves the symptoms efficiently in the absence of common prescription medications and with non-serious side effects.

CBD is not a panacea nor a miracle substance .

Its ability to enhance your wellness is linked to its impact on your Endocannabinoid System which is responsible for promoting, regulating and maintaining homeostasis (=balance) in your body.

CBD Administration Methods 

Before attempting to answer Lilly’s question, I think we should take a look at the different routes of cannabidiol administration.

CBD is a versatile product. The market offers you your precious cannabinoid in many forms, shapes, and tastes. 

The most widespread and popular methods of CBD intake are:

  1. Tinctures or oils or sprays (sublingual administration)
  2. Vaping products (through the lungs)
  3. Topicals (balms, salves, creams applied on the skin)  
  4. Suppositories (rectal administration) 
  5. Edibles (through the digestive system)

You are wondering which one is the best, right?

Well, my answer is… 

It depends. 

I hate to disappoint you but to be able to decide what is the best way to take CBD oil to handle a health condition-even if it is a minor one like a sleep disorder-there are several items that you should consider.

You shouldn’t be influenced by the choice this friend or that relative has made. Cannabidiol takes into consideration your uniqueness and you should follow its example and analyze yourself and clarify your needs. 

Factors defining the best CBD administration route

So you have done your homework and studied scientific studies and articles about cannabidiol. You have read anecdotal reports from CBD users, you have had your questions answered and your doubts eliminated.

Here you are, ready and willing to introduce CBD in your life and start living with it. 

What remains, is to choose the administration method that’s suitable for you.

Don’t be in a hurry. 

Before choosing the best way to take CBD oil you should inquire a bit more. 

According to the aforementioned study, people use CBD either to treat an ailment or to enhance their health and well-being.

If you are feeling great and you want to continue feeling this way then the solution is easy: you choose the administration method that suits your personal preferences and lifestyle without any second thoughts.

The situation requires more self-investigation when you need CBD to help you alleviate the symptoms of the medical condition you suffer from.

To determine the best way to use CBD you should take into consideration

The nature of your ailment

In my head, cannabidiol is a tiny, energetic, adorable and blonde (!!! ) molecule wandering around in my body fixing things; she – oh yes, I see it as she- enters my bloodstream and travels to my brain, she presses buttons, turns switches on and off and combats my PTSD and its consequences to my psyche and life. 

The journey of CBD in my parents’ systems is different.

It takes a short-cut to arrive at the location that requires treatment. To fight my father’s psoriasis and my mum’s joint pain, cannabidiol concentrates its action on their skin and the locations the discomfort appears. They have chosen a topical product with an elevated CBD concentration which delivers its alleviating effects on the exact spot they are needed. 

The nature of health conditions vary and so do the administration methods that are suitable for each of them. 

Whether you choose a topical product or an edible one, no matter if you vape or take CBD sublingually, the cannabinoid will deliver its effects sooner or later.

Yet, time is crucial.

Time seems endless when you suffer- trust me I know it! 

This is why the next factor you should take into account is

The time frame of the desired effects

The presence and consequently the effects that CBD delivers to your body depend on the way it enters your system and the velocity your body expels it. 

To exploit the full potential of the cannabinoid, there should be a balance between the severity and/or the frequency of your ailment’s symptoms and the method of intake.

Some administration routes deliver the effects of CBD instantly and for a relatively short period of time while others are characterized by a steady, slow and durable release of the cannabinoid. 

A vaping product or a suppository would be a perfect choice whenever you need rapid and short-term relieving effects. Unpredicted panic or anxiety attacks and sudden pain flare-ups can be handled with a vape-pen hit when the use of a suppository isn’t possible. 

If your aim is to experience a constant relief during the day, then an edible product would be ideal. 

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CBD Energy Drinks

Tinctures and oils are considered the appropriate choice to treat anxiety, stress, inflammation or sleep dysfunctions.

The effects of cannabidiol can be instant and short-term or can be delivered slowly and last longer depending on the various ways of CBD intake. 

Why does this happen? 

Simply because the routes of CBD administration differ in terms of bioavailability.

In pharmacokinetics, bioavailability is used as a tool to measure and determine the accurate dosage for a drug that will not be administered intravenously.

By definition, the bioavailability of intravenous medication is 100%; in other words, the entire dosage of the drug will be absorbed by the body and enter the systemic circulation. 

When other routes (oral, rectal, topical, and sublingual) are chosen, the drug’s bioavailabilitydecreases because a great deal of it will be “lost” on the way to your bloodstream.  

Why is it important to know about bioavailability? 

For the simple reason, bioavailability determines how much of CBD or whatever medicine or substance you take will circulate in your bloodstream and will offer you its relieving effects. 

Low bioavailability requires bigger serving sizes while high bioavailability needs more moderate ones.

The bioavailability of the most popular routes of CBD administration is:

  1. Suppositories. Bioavailability 80-90%
  2. Vaping products. Bioavailability 34-46% (recently reported up to 56%)
  3. Tinctures, oils or sprays. Bioavailability 12-40%
  4. Edibles. Bioavailability 4-20%
  5. Topicals. Bioavailability 0%  

Hmm, you seem a bit perplexed… 

Strange word and complicated meaning, right? 

Ok! I’ll break it down with an example. (Darn maths!!) 

Imagine you use Endoca’s suppositories (bioavailability 80%-90%) that contain 50 mg each. This means that your body will use the 80%-90% of the 50 mg you consume, which amounts at 40-45 mg. 

Let’s study the case of tinctures (bioavailability 12-40%). Imagine you use Endoca’s 1500 mg /10 ml tincture. Each drop contains 5 mg CBD. From every drop you consume sublingually, 0.12-0.40 mg  CBD will enter your bloodstream.

Edibles have the lowest rate of absorption and provide reduced levels of cannabidiol to your bloodstream.” CBD consumed in an edible form has to pass through the digestive tract and to be metabolized in your liver. Any other drug administered orally has to follow the same route.

Are you on any over-the -counter-drug?

If you aren’t, you can skip the next determinant.

But if your answer is affirmative you should bear in mind 

CBD drug interactions 

CBD oil has been found to impact on a group of enzymes existing in your liver and accountable for metabolizing most of the drugs. These elaborate enzymes form the Cytochrome P-450 System.

Scientific research has discovered that CBD inhibits two major metabolizing enzymes: CYP3A4 and CYP2D6. 

If your prescribed drug is metabolized by either CYP3A4 or CYP2D6 enzyme, CBD will inhibit its action, causing your drug to remain in high levels in the plasma for long periods of time. As a result, its effects will be increased causing a broad variety of unfavorable reactions.

CBD Drug Interactions

It is possible that CBD impacts more CYP enzymes. More research is required to clarify whether CBD serving sizes and the routes of CBD administration influence its ability to interact with different drugs. 

I consider drug interactions the most important determinant. 

For safety reasons. 

Before my parents started using CBD oil we had to examine their “limitations”. 

They would benefit from a systemic approach to their health issues with a tincture or a suppository coupled with the application of a salve or cream. Unfortunately, they are both on anticoagulants so the only safe method left was the use of a topical product with a high concentration in CBD.

Some cannabidiol users recommend a 4 to 6 hours “gap” between CBD oil and prescribed medicine consumption.

I can’t tell you if it’s accurate or not.

I am not a doctor and I won’t pretend to be one. Neither should you!

Take my advice and consult your trusted physician or a medical marijuana-doctor. He could give you information about the potential risks of mixing cannabidiol with your prescribed medication. He could also help you discover safe ways for using CBD combined with your medicines.

After having weighed all the above factors, don’t forget to make allowances for your own

Lifestyle and personal preferences.

I am a drug hater. Any form of drugs repels me, so, I opted for a cannabidiol tincture. I don’t mind the odd, intense, earthy taste of my CBD oil but most of my friends do.  

I am a heavy smoker too. I wouldn’t mind using a vaping product – it might help me reduce or quit smoking 🙂 

None of my non-smoker friends have chosen to administer the cannabinoid through their lungs, but most of them are constantly trying to steal my CBD gummies! 

Personal preferences and lifestyle must be given thought to. 

People with a sensitive palate wouldn’t tolerate the taste of a full or broad spectrum tincture or oil. 

Smokers could comfortably vape; they are used to holding a cigarette and a vape pen looks like a cigarette! 

“Medicine maniacs” – like my parents- would enjoy CBD in the form of pills, capsules or soft gels. Being used to this specific form of drugs, they would appreciate the illusion of taking a prescribed medication without adverse side effects. (Don’t underestimate the power of self-conviction!)  

Now, you are aware of all the important factors that should be studied before making a decision. However, I know Lilly and I am sure her question hasn’t been fully answered yet and perhaps neither is yours. 

Honestly, I intend to be able to sleep with no more after-midnight calls, so here’s some bonus reading!  

Breaking down CBD administration routes


Absorbed directly into your bloodstream via rectal or vaginal capillaries, CBD starts delivering its effects within 10 to 15 minutes of administration. Peak plasma concentration is attained approximately within 1 hour.

Users report that the effects last approximately 4 to 8 hours.

Suppositories are considered a rapid and efficient way of taking the cannabinoid because it avoids the digestive process. Suppositories are made to be used either rectally or as vaginal capsules.

CBD Suppositories

Thanks to their high bioavailability, they are used for various ailments like

  • menstrual cramps 
  • sciatica
  • sexual discomfort 
  • vulvodynia 
  • interstitial cystitis 
  • penile arousal issues

They are also applied to alleviate hemorrhoid inflammation and anal fissures, to calm Crohn’s disease or other inflammatory bowel issues and to manage pelvic pain after childbirth.

CBD suppositories can help you avoid the “distinct” taste of cannabidiol. 

If you experience difficulties in taking CBD orally due to gastrointestinal issues and you aren’t keen on vaping, then CBD suppositories are an excellent alternative route of administration. 

Note: Suppositories should be kept in the fridge. Remember to wash your hands before and after every use.

  • The digestive tract is avoided
  • High bioavailability
  • Rapid and relatively long-lasting effects
  • Easy to use
  • Embarrassing for people not used to using them 
  • Inconvenient 


A delivery method advisable to smokers, vaping is the second fastest way of experiencing the relieving effects of cannabidiol.

CBD enters your bloodstream in no time (30 seconds or less! ) passing through your lungs but its effectiveness doesn’t last for long. In approximately 30 minutes, CBD will reach peak concentration in your bloodstream and the effects will start wearing off after 2 to 3 hours 

Appropriate for 

  • anxiety disorders 
  • intense stress
  • PTSD
  • chronic pain with frequent and sudden flare-ups

 vaping is a method that can also be used to quit smoking. 

I won’t repeat myself and tire you with details. I have already broken down the vaping method in a special article about it. 

(Read it to learn why vaping isn’t advisable to non-smokers.

CBD Vape Pen
  • Quick effects
  • High bioavailability
  • The digestive tract is avoided
  • Can be used to quit smoking
  • CBD serving sizes might be difficult to control or regulate 
  • Special tools should be bought (vape pen, cartridges, etc )
  • Short-term effectiveness
  • Not very discreet 

Tinctures, oils or sprays

They are all applied sublingually (under the tongue). CBD is absorbed by the capillaries and the blood vessels underneath your tongue and in your mouth and enters your bloodstream avoiding your digestive tract. 

The cannabinoid kicks in within 20 to 40 minutes and reaches peak concentration in approximately 1 to 2 hours.

The effects tend to be long-lasting: 4 to 6 hours. Administer CBD sublingually 3 times a day and your needs may be covered for the whole day.

The sublingual route of administration is indicated for 

  • nerve pain
  • fibromyalgia 
  • hypertension 
  • fatigue 
  • migraines
  • arthritis (Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • inflammation-based conditions
  • moderate anxiety and stress

The taste of unflavored products might not be appreciated by some of you; in this case, you can choose your favorite flavor from a variety of flavored tinctures and oils available from my favorite brands listed below.

  • Simple and easy to use and to find your optimal serving size
  • Discreet and effective 
  • No extra tools are required
  • Long-lasting effects
  • The digestive tract is avoided
  • The effects kick in relatively slowly
  • The taste of unflavored products isn’t enjoyable for lots of people 


I. Capsules, pills and soft gels

CBD oil capsules, pills, and soft gels provide relatively slow results.

Be prepared to wait for an hour or 2 to feel relieved after taking a CBD capsule or pill because the cannabinoid has to pass through your digestive system before it enters your bloodstream and gets distributed in your system.

The effects will last from 4 to 8 hours (peak bloodstream concentration is estimated between 30 minutes to 5 hours) 

Ideal for “medicine lovers” or for users who don’t want to experiment to find the correct serving size, CBD capsules, pills, and soft gels contain the amount of cannabidiol the producer indicates. 

This exact amount enters your body but only 4-20% of it will arrive at your circulatory system because of the method’s low bioavailability. For this reason, products with an elevated concentration in CBD are preferable and more effective. 

  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Accurate and consistent serving sizes
  • Discreet and effective 
  • No extra tools are required
  • Long-lasting effects
  • The digestive process is not avoided
  • High concentration is needed
  • Slow results
  • High risk of drug interactions

II. CBD-infused foods and beverages

This method is the longest-lasting one and combines the pleasure of your favorite food or drink with the health benefits of cannabidiol.

The effects will take hold after 1 to 2 hours from use and they will last between 4 to 6 hours. CBD will reach peak concentration within 1 to 6 hours.

CBD Gummies 200mg

CBD gummies, chocolates, brownies and cookies, hamburgers or ice-creams (!!!), candies, and any CBD-infused drink will have to pass through your digestive tract and to be metabolized in your liver before entering your bloodstream.  If you want to reduce the time CBD needs to deliver its effects, ingest it on an empty stomach.

  • The most enjoyable route of administration
  • Discreet 
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Easy to be made at home!
  • Lower effectiveness than other methods
  • The digestive tract is not avoided
  • High risk of drug interactions
  • They can be pricey


Their action will be noticed relatively fast. 

You will experience the relieving effects of the topical 15 to 20 minutes after the application and you will enjoy them for 6 hours or more. Only a tiny amount of CBD, if any, will make it to your bloodstream — unless your product is designed to act transdermally.

This form of administration is among the longest-lasting ones and is used by people suffering from issues such as

  • Sore muscles
  • Psoriasis
  • Headaches (apply the topical to your temples)  
  • Eczema
  • Acne 
  • Sore neck
  • Joint pain
  • Chronic pain 
  • Back pain 

Topicals are applied to a specific area of the body and remain there relieving tense muscles, and targeting inflammatory cells and pain-perceiving nerves. 

Since a minuscule quantity of cannabidiol will enter your circulatory system, the risk of CBD drug interactions in almost non-existent. 

  • Easy to use
  • No extra tools are required 
  • Specific topical and long-lasting action
  • No risk of CBD drug interactions.
  • Elevated cost due to the need for CBD high concentration 

Wrapping it up

Trial and error are linked to CBD use. 

The substance is unregulated and there are no instructions for serving sizes or administration methods.

After reading this article, you are better equipped and more knowledgeable to select the intake route that suits you.

There is not a single “best way” to take CBD. The choice is completely up to you!

Whatever method you choose to adopt, remember this: 

the best way to take CBD is the one that takes into consideration your needs, your limitations and your preferences. 

Now that you know which method of using CBD products is best for you, you are ready to decide which brand to choose from.

When it comes to CBD and health, you should be careful to commit to a brand that is reliable, trustworthy and transparent.

Here follows a list of my personal brand choices. Their sourcing, extraction methods, lab tests, client reviews, and my readers’ personal positive experiences prove their claims regarding the quality of their products.

Verified CBD

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If you have any questions or want to share any personal experience regarding CBD administration methods, please, leave a comment below.

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not meant to cure any disease or disorder. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.


  1. Thank you for this amazing collection of much-needed information. I learned a tonne reading your research and I am certain that having CBD on hand will be helpful in most situations, especially anxiety and pain. I have been so curious about the different options and now I know what is the best way to administer and what to look for. I have joint pain and this is going to really be an interesting experiment! I will let you know how it goes!!

    1. Hi Kathleen! I am glad my article helped you learn more about cannabidiol and its amazing properties. Please let me know the results of your experiment! I can’t wait!

  2. Effie, I loved this article describing CBD oil. My sense is that CBD oil will become more and more used especially as psychotropic meds are riddled with side effects. Apparently, the power of Cannabis has been known to mankind for many years and was even sold in the pharmacies in Europe pre WOII. CBD oil has already helped many people that I know so this info is very welcoming. Many thanks!

    1. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion Aaron! It’s true that cannabis power has been known to people for centuries. Mankind is connected to cannabinoids; our bodies contain endocannabinoids! I hope people can stop being prejudiced, embrace CBD’s potentials and benefit from its effects! Thanks again!

  3. This is a really good post. I’m glad Lilly did call you but maybe not at that time, lol. Sometimes when I tell people that I use CBD oil and it’s made from hemp they begin to thingk I get high when I use it and I find it funny that you say people would rather get a low. For me, I use it to reduce stress and deal with my sleeping disorders so I use soft gels which are truly slow but still effective. I’d have to agree with you when you say that the best way to use CBD oil depends on what you’re using it for because the product is used for different purposes. Overall, this is a wonderful informative post.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with me and my readers, Henderson. I am a current user of CBD in the form of oil but I am thinking of turning to soft gels too and combine them. I have managed to fight my sleeping disorders but the fight against PTSD and anxiety is tough. I am optimistic though! Be well!  

  4. I’ve been using CBD oil for the last year and I have experimented with a ton of ways of administration.

    The most effective for me until now has been vaping and edibles (I use it for stress and headaches). A few days ago, a friend of mine suggested using a few drips inside my bellybutton.

    Have you tried anything like this?

    1. Harry, I have heard about the Pechoti method. All articles online talk about a certain Pechoti gland. I researched it and couldn’t find either the term or its description anywhere. It seems that the Pechoti gland doesn’t exist in medical terminology. 

      I haven’t tried the method because I couldn’t relate it with any scientific information about the gland they claim that is involved. I trust science to the extent that it helps me understand how my body and mind function. I can’t propose anything that isn’t backed up by science to my readers. 

      When I find specific info about this gland I will research the method experimenting on myself. For the time being,  I am taking CBD for specific reasons and I use a couple of specific routes of administration than do wonders in my case. 

      Thanks for asking!! Be well!!

  5. Well, Effie, you’ve done it again! Every time you publish an article, I think “This is good; this is my favorite article so far.” I always learn something new and find something helpful in your writing. I had not given much thought to the fact that different ailments might respond better to different methods of administration. I have just mostly used drops sublingually as a “cure-all” for anything from aches and pains to insomnia.

    Once my aches and pains and insomnia were under control, I decided to give CBD a break but it didn’t stay tucked away for long. I woke up feeling anxious one morning, for no apparent reason, and I reached for CBD. Once again, my issue was solved! I rarely suffer from anxiety but it’s good to know that there is a simple solution available when I need it!

    Reading this article while battling the second day of a toothache prompted me to try rubbing CBD oil on the painful area and that worked, too! What a relief! I’m not really a fan of soup but I thought for sure that’s what I would be eating this evening.

    I found it interesting that CBD in foods and beverages has a longer-lasting effect than other methods. That’s good news! I added drops of CBD oil to homemade chocolates once and the unflavored oil complemented the flavor of dark chocolate very well. I will be making them again to have on hand the next time anxiety pays me a visit. 🙂

    Thanks for putting the effort into writing articles that are factual, helpful, and humorous all at the same time! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Until then, this one is my favorite!

    1. Theresa, you are an eternal source of encouragement and inspiration for me. Your enthusiasm is contagious, you know! I am impressed with your new discovery! Toothaches can be devastating but you gave my readers a temporary solution until the next visit to the dentist! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  6. For me, it’s all about finding a way to get rid of this social anxiety/agoraphobia that has plagued me for ages. While I’m more than fine with being in crowds at the local level, going to a sports game or a cross country plane trip is or would be debilitating. I would totally lose myself and panic would likely set in. The vape seems like it might work the best, but I’m a non-smoker so that might not be the best option to go. The foods would be great, however, if I had to make a cross country trip or just to be able to watch an NFL game inside a stadium again.

    1. The worst fight is the one against your mind, Todd. When your mind and soul hurt (we both know how devastating this pain can be), even our body suffers. I combine tinctures and edibles. I haven’t started vaping because I still enjoy rolling and smoking. Tinctures 3 times a day and edibles as backup support. Perhaps you should try it! Take care, my friend!

  7. Hello Effie. I had never thought about CBD before reading your article. Now I can see a use for it for just about anyone. I previously thought of anything related to cannabis as somewhat of a drug. You have cleared that up very nicely. Which caused me to read further and finding, that each question that popped into my mind was answered in subsequent paragraphs. And, I was especially surprised to see that so high a percentage of those who use it opt for suppositories. So, I am so glad to have read your article, so comprehensive and easy to follow as well as “mind changing” for me. Thank you… Brian

    1. Brian, you have just made my day brighter!! I feel honored by your kind words! My ultimate aim isn’t merely to inform, educate and help my readers about the benefits of cannabidiol; deep inside my target is to change minds and eliminate misconceptions regarding this alternative treatment. Your comment is a reward for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  8. Hi Effie,

    Another comprehensive and well-researched article! I’m impressed, I’m sure Lilly is too!

    I guess for my kids’ eczema, they should take CBD the topical route, as well as sublingual, since I believe theirs is a case of internal inflammation, caused by possibly leaky gut, and allergies.

    And I didn’t even realise CBD can be taken in the form of suppositories, until I read your article. Thanks for a great read!

    1. Good to see you, Joo! I know your kids suffer from a severe form of eczema so a systemic approach to their skin issue with a tincture (a flavored one- I bet your kids won’t appreciate the natural flavor) combined with a topical product would be the appropriate method. You see, sometimes we should attack the issue on multiple fronts 🙂

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